The Eight Reasons Why I Decided To Leave The “Black Revolutionary Twitter” Movement

Posted: July 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

Nation Of Domination

Over the past few months, I’ve slowly gone from being a frontline twitter soldier in the Black revolutionary struggle to an occasional checker of my TL. Why? I guess I’ve just grown tired of what I kept seeing; the same old tweets from the same old people the same old day after the same old day. After multiple attempts to revive my interest in the field, including following more people with the words, “F*ck capitalism” and “George Bush is stupid” in their bios, I’ve decided to retire. Please, hold your tears. I don’t want a plaque or a medal…your attention for a while will suffice. The following are the eight reasons I decided to walk away from the Black revolutionary twitter movement. If you partake in these, stop it. If you don’t, thank you.


8) Photo Op Revolutionaries

Graduation I never knew we had so many young brothers and sisters graduating with degrees in photography! You know the people who post every workout they do on social media? You know the people who post every meal they eat on social media? You know the people who post ever pair of shoes they buy on social media? Well, you’ve guessed it. Most of these Black twitter revolutionaries treat anything they do as a photo op. Helping an old lady across the street? Selfie time! Giving a kid a dollar? Selfie time! Reading a Wikipedia article on Kwame Toure? Selfie time! Soup kitchen visit? Selfie time! I guess I’m just used to Malcolm and Martin doing things and getting a photo taken rather than taking a photo just to appear to be doing things. People who need five hundred likes to feel as if they are doing big things need to visit a psychiatrist, not a protest. If you are truly into your work, you won’t be able to take ten thousand pictures while you’re doing your work. There is nothing wrong with documenting hard work through photographic evidence, but real people can tell when someone is treating community service as work or just an opportunity get some feminist booty


7) High Class

Successful Brother

No offense to hard working brothers and sisters who climbed out the ghetto through hard work and determination, but look…just because I don’t think Kendrick Lamar is some rap god because he made a song about a bathtub full or beer or something doesn’t mean I’m not conscious. Me not knowing one J Cole song does not make me any less deep than the next man or woman. So many of these Black twitter revolutionaries are Starbucks drinking, Howard educated, two parent having, upper middle class raised, dark skinned versions of Hunter Hurst Hemsley (before he joined DX). HHHThere is nothing wrong with being successful or blessed, but stop lecturing brothers and sisters who are still in the hood who criticize the hood to help fix the hood. You are out the hood remember? Some of these Black twitter revolutionaries are no different from any other bourgeois CNN reporter they call, “out of touch”. They call Don Lemon a sell out yet run into him daily at the Joseph A Banks downtown. Save your lecturing, and Italian made bow-ties, for someone else. Gated community twitter revolutionaries posting about the horrors of the hood on their iPads from Best Buy purchased with good credit. But keep speaking on things you watched on Netflix documentary.


PS: Just because you do stand up poetry doesn’t mean you are as deep as the Atlantic Ocean.

DrizzyI know plenty of people who can rhyme slave with wage, Bloods and Crips with big old lips, & pickle with nickel…Little Bow Wow for example. Standing on a stage in an outfit Kayne West would be proud of, with a poem you wrote while smoking mid and listening to a dubstep version of a remixed Nas song doesn’t make you a revolutionary bro.



6) Soap Box Artists

Preach, preach, preach, preach, preach, preach, preach, preach, preach, preach, preach, preach, preach, preach, preach, preach, preach, preach, preach, and preach! It’s as if these Black twitter revolutionaries are on the following calendar:


Dude, the sh*t gets old. There are only so many ways you can say, “the White man is bad”. Maybe it’s time for a new topic. How about resume building?


5) Fawning Over Black Women


Look, most Black women are great. Some are intelligent, beautiful, funny, loving, and everything in between…but I don’t need to recite an entire epic poem every time I interact with a sister. We all know this one brother with the hashtag #iloveblackwomen” (yet he is single? Lol). Every other tweet is, “Black woman, such luscious are your lips, Black as an onyx stone, skin as Brown as a Hershey’s Kiss, such even in tone. My beautiful Nubian natural haired Brown-eyed goddess of Ethiopia, I love the scent of your toffee and dark cacao body. Yada, yada, yada…”. Look, If you want to be a conscious version of Trey Songz go ahead, but just because I can’t spend thirty minutes singing to every Black lady I bump into at the grocery store doesn’t mean I’m a sell out.


4) Selective Outrage

Paula Deen

We all have seen these guys:

Forty dead in Chicago over gang violence.


Thirty dead in New Orleans over gang violence.


Thirty five dead in Oakland over gang violence.


Black man dead after being choked by the police.



The next day.


Twenty dead in Miami over gang violence. Wacka


Twenty dead in Birmingham over gang violence.


Ten dead in Memphis over gang violence.


Popular chef admits to using the N word years ago.



Now, if anyone asked anything remotely like the following, all hell will break out:

Hey, it’s sad and all that the Black guy was killed by the police…and that chef saying the N word…terrible…but umm, what about all those dead black people caused by Black people? I guess personal responsibility is a b*tch huh?


3) My Way Or You’re An Uncle Tom

Im Black YallThese folks kill me. These Black revolutionary twitter soldiers are the most vocal and most condemning people on Earth. It’s funny how these guys are “radical” yet I’ve never seen them actually doing anything radical…unless cussing out people with egg avis on twitter is considered radical. “You either believe what I learned from a YouTube documentary ten minutes ago or you’re an Uncle Tom. You either hate every White person or you hate every Black person”. These are the cats that preach Black excellence and Black superiority but spend ninety dollars on a collar shirt with a White guy playing polo, the Whitest sport ever made, on it. Black power huh? These are the guys who say White folks are evil yet watches a White owned sports team play another White owned sports team playing in a White owned arena wearing a Chinese made jersey that was made for a White owned apparel company. How revolutionary are you? Hating the man yet enriching him with all your resources? Think about that wanna be Eldridge Cleaver.


2) Excuse Making

These Black twitter revolutionaries have no solutions for any issues unless it’s “White people did it”. Poverty? White people did it. Teenage pregnancy? White people did it. Black on Black crime? White people did it? The dirty dishes in the sink? White people did it. Drought in Sudan? Yep, you guessed it. White people did it! I’m not saying they don’t cause any problems because they do, a lot of them, but damn, we aren’t angels either. Black twitter revolutionaries engage in the most excuse making ever seen to man. Of course slavery & Jim Crow have long lasting effects on us, but that is STILL no excuse to do dumb sh*t. Every thing that seems to be our fault is redirected by these Black twitter revolutionaries to something else. Teaching our youth to never take responsibility for their lives is not only counter productive, it’s extremely dangerous. “Why should I work? The White man not gone hire me. Why should I go to school? The White man don’t want me to learn. Why should I go to college? The White man won’t accept my application”. This leads me to my last reason for retiring from the Black twitter revolutionary crowd.


1) The White Man

As if it isn’t obvious enough, my number 1 reason for retiring from the Black twitter revolutionary click is their constant bombardment of the White man. Day in day out, everything is the White man’s fault.

Soulja boy’s tape?

TrashThe White man.


ShaqsThe White man.

Puff Diddy Daddy Honey Combs 3rd name change? Piffy D..or it it Shawn Daddy?

P DiddyBut anyways, the White man.

In all seriousness though, it’s time to drop that. Contrary to Black twitter revolutionary belief,

A: White people helped and still do help in the struggle, and

B: Black people are not a race of retarded sheep with no sense of direction.

Black people, like every other people, largely control their own destinies. Want to go to college? Study, apply and take the sat, apply for a college, get in, succeed, and graduate. If one can’t study because there are six kids in the house, it’s not the White man’s fault, it’s whoever made those six kids. If one can’t apply for the SAT because of the cost, again it’s not the white man’s fault, it’s the parent’s. They shouldn’t have had kids if they couldn’t afford them. You can’t go to college because your school is terrible? Well, why is your school terrible? How many parents go to the PTOs or are involved with the teachers/administrators/coaches? Your school has a low tax base? Well, why is there no money in your town? If your parents have time to post their latest Candy Crush score onto their facebooks, why can’t they use that time to create businesses to improve that low tax base? You see where we are going? Life is like an onion. Most people want to look only at the skin, the things that make the surface level. When you peel away the layers, you start seeing the real meat, the real reasons. Plain and simple, Black inferiority trumps White superiority any day. I’ll say it again. Black inferiority trumps White superiority. I’ll say it again. Black inferiority trumps White superiority. What that means is BLACK INACTION IS STRONGER THAN WHITE ACTION. OUR PEOPLE, OUR RESPONSIBILITY. Stop selling our people dreams of, “we can’t do anything for ourselves because of the White man”. White people aren’t trashing our hood, we are. White people aren’t taking away the jobs, we aren’t creating any. Unless of course you have a Jordan shoe factory in your town or a Roc-A-Wear clothing factory in your city? You don’t? Oh…the White man’s fault huh? If your school sucks, run for school board. If your city’s economic development sucks, run for city council. STOP MAKING EXCUSES AND DO SOMETHING.


Cuz Sam

In closing, there are two types of people in this world, b*tchers & builders. One b*tches and one builds. If you want to sit on social media all day and b*tch, you have your right to, but don’t consider yourself a revolutionary activist who on death ascends into heaven and sits on the right hand side of Huey P. Newton. You don’t do anything. B*tching is b*tching…nothing more and nothing less. Building? Now that’s action. B*tching creates shortness of breath while building creates progress. I’m sure I’m going to lose a lot of followers, friends, and readers after this post, but I don’t care. As famed revolutionary political theorist and rapper Young Jeezy once said, “Real Recognize Real”…and I’m real. For all my real revolutionary brothers and sisters doing real revolutionary things…not for instagram likes or twitter followers, let’s link up. The revolution needs warriors, not coffeehouse philosophers. Find me at @professor_rambo


Power to the people.

  1. JPL says:

    I think experience actually working with people makes you look at it realistically. I work in Upstate NY dealing with foreclosure prevention, and sometimes I really do feel like people don’t really want to be helped, and that it might require too much effort on their end. Like there’s times where dudes yell like me for not solving all their problems, or sometimes I honestly feel like I want to save their house more then they do.
    There are vasts lists of reasons, or as it seems you will call “excuses” for why this happens. I’m confident you already know this shit, and I’m with you, but we need to take this a step further a really strategize a way to create a more honest discourse. Structure plays a huge role, but we NEED agency just as much. It seems the mainstream Cosbys and Lemons struggle to thoroughly address that structure component and vice versa.

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