Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence, and toughness multiplies toughness in a descending spiral of destruction…the chain reaction of evil — hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars — must be broken, or we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation.
-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Hating Hatred Doesn’t Work


On April 20th, 2013, my family and I decided to protest a Neo Nazi/Ku Klux Klan rally at the Georgia Capital in Atlanta, Georgia.  The protest changed me deeply, shaping in me a new way of thinking.  This post will focus on race, the protest, and my newfound solution to racism. 


Racism Defined

Racism, since the beginning of its conception, has always been a tool utilized by the ruling elites to keep the poor and working class Black and white people separated.  Theoretically, there is no reason why a poor Black person or a poor White person should vote or organize differently since both desire and require the same necessities: employment, education, shelter, food, etc.  The elites know this and understand that there is power in numbers.  To thwart unity, the elites employ their two political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats, to keep the poor and working class Black and White people apart for their benefit.  Bob Marley explained it perfectly in his 1979 song Ambush in the Night:

See them (Political Parties) fighting for power
But they know not the hour
So they bribing with their guns, spare-parts and money,
Trying to belittle our
Integrity now.
They say what we know
Is just what they teach us;
And we’re so ignorant
‘Cause every time they can reach us
Through political strategy
They keep us hungry
And when you wanna get some food
Your brother got to be your enemy.

Marley describes political parties fighting for power, using bribes to belittle people’s integrity.  Think of these bribes as universal healthcare, scholarships, background checks for guns, or increased social security spending, things politicians promise yet seldom deliver.   Marley also notes that political parties teach people through political strategies, mainstream media indoctrination basically, leading people to become physically and economically hungry…with their brother, the poor and working class Republican or Democrat, falsely appearing to be in the way of their “food”, which is jobs, security, schools, etc.

Republicans, with their continued use of the “Southern Strategy”, pimp poor and working class Whites with “I may be poor, but at least I aint a nigger” type of rhetoric, promoting strong views on militarism, capitalism, crime prevention, love of a White God, and anti-immigration.  These type of people drive pick up trucks and preach self-reliance with a “take no mess” attitude.

The Democrats on the other end, pimp mostly Black voters, insisting to them that they are “good white folk”, patting them on the head, feeding them with government handouts.  The Democrats teach Blacks that the Republicans are all racist hicks that think they are lazy, ignorant, and prone to violence.  If a Black decides to go Republican, these same “good White folk” Democrats who pat the Blacks on the head, stroking their kinky locks, turns into God, casting the Black Republican out of the “Garden of Eden”, calling THEM the racist.  The irony…

At this, the elites smoke cigars with the Republican and Democrat party leaders and play golf together while their constituents grow more and more resentful towards each other.  Just like in Afghanistan and Iraq, the elites rejoice while the poor and working class fight with a misconstrued feeling of patriotism. 

“Conscious” people, like politicians, also perpetrate racism.  Here are two theories of racism and how they are not accurate.

1.     Black people can’t be racist because they have no power.

2.     Racism is something exerted to others and not self.

First off, anyone who says Black people have no power is most likely a racist. Tell Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Huey P. Newton, Fred Hampton, Cornel West, Nelson Mandela, Angela Davis, or Mumia Abu Jamal Black people have no power.  How can the creators of modern civilization have no power?  Black people DO have power, tremendous amounts of it, some just don’t know what to do with it.  Instead of taking their power to college campuses to organize, some take it to White owned football teams to organize…to tackle people.  Instead of taking their power to protest against police brutality, some take it to White owned recording booths to promote Black on Black brutality.  Instead of taking their power to stand outside a state capital for the release of a political prisoner, some take it to stand outside a White owned Footlocker for the re-re-re-re-re-rereleased pair of 180$ basketball shoes that they wont even play basketball in.  Come on man, come on…  Black people do have power, some just don’t collectively aim it in the right direction for true positive change. 

Secondly, self-hatred in my opinion is a form of racism.  Perming one’s hair, whitening one’s skin, killing one’s brother…all this is a form of racism because it entails hating one’s skin and Black characteristics, seeing a brother as an enemy.  If a White person hates a Black person he is racist.  If a Black person hates a Black person he is racist.  We have to start judging ourselves with the same rubric we employ to judge others.  A White man can’t be racist simply because he didn’t vote for Obama yet a Black man is not racist for killing five Black men and injuring three in a shootout.  How can we call the Ku Klux Klan racist if our own brothers are carrying out their dirty deeds for them?  Racism is racism no matter who perpetrates it.  With that being said, lets talk about my family outing to the Ku Klux Klan/Neo Nazi rally.



Butterflies were turning flips in my stomach as my family and I approached the capital.  I was not afraid of the Ku Klux Klan or the Nazis because I see racists every day, but to see them out in the open with their views, passionate about their hatred and not ashamed of it was something different..something intimate..something more real.  When I turned the corner, walking past Georgia State Troopers with cocked and ready M-16’s, I found myself face to face with rage and hatred, anger and pride.. grungy looking white men in White robes and militant looking White men in Black military suits, pants tucked into their shiny boots.  Holding my son close, he asked, “Daddy, who are those men?”  I simply replied, “People who don’t want Black people and White people to live together…the same people who hated Dr. King and wants segregation.”  My son nodded in my arms and buried his head into my chest.  The racists were on the steps of the capital, waving flags and holding banners, their apparent leader speaking from a PA system.  The leader was drowned out by screaming from his supporters and noise made by the protesters.  The protesters ranged from young tough looking Black men to old White hipsters.  There were some men wearing V for Vendetta masks as well as a large Jewish presence.  After a while, the leader ended his speech and a long period of taunting began.  The racists spit across the barricade, protesters flipping the middle finger, shouts of “Cracker ill kill you” from the protester side and “You lucky the police are here boy” from the racist side.  Throughout all the pandemonium, the police looked as if they were against the protester side, keeping their back towards the racists, the gun facing us.  In the midst of all the commotion, a protester, a young woman, was grabbed and dragged through the street by the police, apparently for having a sign with explicit words written on it.  I guess freedom of speech is defined as verbal speech, not written?  With protesters playing bongos and snare drums and racists continuing to hurl insults, the atmosphere was similar to that of a playground tussle, all talk and no fights.  After a stand still, the racists decided to end the speeches and head back to their place of gathering.  The protesters stood there in a confused daze, not sure to follow them or continue protesting where they were.  After the racists entered a parking deck where they regrouped, a large group of protesters circled the building and stood on the corner.  The playground fight atmosphere continued, racists screaming down, protesters screaming up, cops screaming at protesters, racists screaming down, protesters screaming up, cops screaming at protesters, so on and so on and so on…  In the end, I looked from protester to racist, racist to protester, and again from protester to racist; but already it was impossible to say which was which*. The battle was a stalemate, a tie between who said the most insults. The crowd started to disperse and people went home. 

* Yes, I borrowed that line from Orwell’s book Animal Farm.


Police agents assassinated Malcolm X after he worshiped with White Muslims and started to believe in Black/White unity.  Dr. King was assassinated after he began to wean from civil rights to focus more on antiwar/economic rights work, something not simply a Black and White issue but also a Green.  The elites, as I wrote earlier, drive a wedge between the have and the have nots based on money and use race as its scapegoat.  The solution to racism IS NOT advocating a race war.  That is the most ignorant, suicidal thing a “conscious” person can do.  Advocating a poor and working class war would be extremely successful.  I’m not saying a guerilla war in the streets, but a war of public and corporate boycotts, military defections, strikes, peaceful protests, rallies, marches, teach ins, sit ins, mass arrests, occupations, etc, etc…   The real war is No Green Verses Green, Not Black Verses White.  The solution to racism is simply unity.  I never fully understood the meaning of non-violent protest until I witnessed a potentially violent one.  Screaming “F*ck you White trash” isn’t bringing anyone to the table of brotherhood.  Spitting at a protester isn’t getting at the core of why one fundamentally disagrees with one’s thought pattern.  Unity will take a tremendous amount of work because America’s race history is mostly negative.   We as conscious people must understand that at the core belief of racism is classism.  We must come together not as man-made races but as one government made class…the poor and working class.  I will end this blog with a quote from the great Malcolm X.  

“I believe there will ultimately be a clash between the oppressed and those who do the oppressing. I believe that there will be a clash between those who want freedom, justice, and equality for everyone, and those who want to continue the systems of exploitation…but I don’t think that it will be based upon the color of the skin, as Elijah Muhammad had taught it”.

A house that is divided cannot stand…

All Power To The People

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  1. Jamalia J. says:

    Excellent piece. The old age “Fight fire with fire” is rooted in fallacy. One CAN’T fight fire with fire; fire has to be fought with water. Hating those who hate us and being just as ignorant as they are proves and accomplishes nothing; if anything, it adds fuel to their fire of hatred and they feel justified for behaving as they do toward us. The best way to deal with hatred? Be a sucess! Climb the corporate ladder; own your own business; show that you are on more than an equal playing field with those who hate you – show that you’ve surpassed them.

  2. Jamalia J. says:

    That second sentence should read “The old adage”, not “The old age”. One day I’ll learn to proofread before hitting “send”.

  3. Schlüter says:

    But, as right as you´re in general, vigilance and self defence is also part of the struggle for a better world!

  4. Racism, since the beginning of its inception, was not utilized by elites to create a wedge. It was utilized by the otherwise marginalized or impoverished to create a wedge.

    Elite white people never cared about POC. They don’t have to interact with them.
    When schools were integrated – Elite Ruling Class white people did not care! They went to private schools. Integration did not apply.
    When housing was integrated – Elite Ruling Class white people did not care! They created suburbs.
    and you know what – they are still building suburbs on top of our hoods.

    It was always the POOR white people, when advocating for themselves, that decided to not include black people.
    POOR white people created the harmful force of separation by means of violence.
    The Ruling Class set the standards, the laws, and by & large – the media.
    The Poor white folks execute their version of the standards, are the juries in the courtrooms that disproportionately harm POC, and who consume the media to continue this cycle.

    That being said –
    I 100% disagree with your premise, because, in my opinion and research and the reality that I see –
    It’s incredibly untrue.

    Stating that “theoretically” poor blacks and whites should be able to unite and organize in the exact same way is fallacious. In order for black folks to have equal access to employment etc, we must fight RACISM. In order for poor white folks to have equal access to employment, they just need to network & help to create jobs. Note: The “recession” was only a problem in the news when white people’s unemployment levels began to kinda sorta inch downwards toward the levels of people of color. POC HAVE BEEN IN A “RECESSION” FOREVER. Because people REFUSE to hire us, criminalize us and take away our abilities to be self sustainable in a disparate way.
    YES we can organize together for specific issues of class
    However, issues of class and race cannot possibly be divorced.
    YES we all want food and shelter and a job.
    But what POC want that White people don’t need to fight for:
    Equal treatment.

    They are already treated just damn dandy.
    We are not.
    RACISM has existed long before the creation of America. It is not a novel concept.
    It is still a problem that needs to be combatted.

    OFTEN times when folks unite for an issue, race ends up being an undiscussed issue, and ends up leaving POC in the dust.
    Look at the feminist movement.
    White women got the right to vote, and they kept it moving.
    They gave no damn about the fact that native women weren’t even considered citizens yet, and that black and latina and Asian women couldn’t vote. They gave not a single damn.
    “Well we rallied around the same issue! And We got we wanted! Right?!”
    NO White women! No! YOU got what YOU wanted, but forgot that racism also needs to be combatted.

    This has happened for every single wave of every single movement in the United States.
    When we only do it as black people, the forerunners generally acquiesce to the need to assimilate and leave blacks in the hood alone, and instead of working to educate they just leave the hood in the dust.
    It always happens. People are selfish.

    YES… power in numbers
    NO… that is not gonna get equality for everyone. (end of part 1)

  5. More on racism & your definition of “power”: In closing you state – as many often do – power to the people.
    that isn’t just an idiom. Power to the people because we know they have no power or very little power and need power and need to be empowered and need to empower each other.

    I do not buy not one bit of this.
    Not one.

    The power necessary to be racist against white folks would require access to the means of creating a systematic harm.
    We. Don’t. Have. That

    In response to your solution: Malcolm X was never against unity, but was aware that unity across race lines was (and IS) far less important than forging unity within our race.

    I do agree however that the solution to racism is not advocating a race war.
    But.. Malcolm didn’t advocate that. Who does?
    The people protesting weren’t effective, but there is effective protest.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-8Mwea78oM is one of several examples.

    In response to the section where theres: “no green vs. green” – … people will not unite against racism if they are racist.
    Do you see how cyclical that argument is?
    White people will join blacks to fight for money, absolutely.
    But the second our interests no longer converge, and the fight won’t potentially benefit them, they stop caring.
    …That’s the problem.

    There is no “real” war or “real” issue.
    All are pervasive, and all are incredibly important.
    Issues of class are no more important than issues of race, and more importantly should not be divorced. They are too intertwined in real life.
    Race is more all encompassing when we look at the disparate impact to communities of color.

    unfortunately, most poor white people don’t care about that.

    So.. I disagree with your solution because it is too simplistic and doesn’t take reality into consideration.
    However, I do not believe there is one proper solution. I think there need to be several or several hundred or several thousands separate solutions – many people fighting to but tear down different areas of an overarching harmful structure of oppression.

    If you, your family and friends, and whomever else want to join with white entitites and treat it as only a class issue – I’m all for it, because perhaps it will forge a way for myself and the several others who will not approach it that way.

    In all – my hugest problem is your bringing up such a predictable simplistic and over discussed “solution” that doesn’t actually address the real problem.
    Every single white liberal I know that thinks they are progressive and is just uncomfortable talking about race consistently says
    “well that’s about class – not race”… how can you ever in any legitimate intellectual way or realistic way sever the two?? POC’s class harms are double, treble, and worse. Addressing “class” as a blank issue without infusing race only impacts the class problems of white people. And I’m not here for that game whatsoever.

  6. Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad: “I have been to Mecca and it is also true that I didn’t find what Malcolm found. I have been there 7 times, and I have found racism among the white Arabs in Mecca so thick until you can cut it with a damn knife. I found ghettos in Mecca. I found that no matter where I went in the world, I found that no matter what the social, political, religious, economic, academic system was, It made no difference; where ever the black/white dynamic existed, you’ll find the white on top and the black on the bottom. I’ve been to capitalist countries, and we are victims of white capitalism, and where ever the black/white dynamic exists, you’ll find the white capitalist on top and the black capitalist on the bottom. If it’s a socialist country, you find the white socialist on top and the black socialist on the bottom. If it’s a Christian country, you find the white Christian on top and the black Christian on the bottom. If it’s a Jew country, you find the white Jew on top and the black jew on the bottom. Yes, I’ve been to Mecca, and where the black/white dynamic exists, you find the white Muslim on top and god damnit you find the black Muslim on the bottom. It makes no difference what the system is, where ever the black/white dynamic exists, you find black on the bottom and the white on top. Some of you say it’s a class system. If it’s the class system, then you find that the white man is the upper class and the black man is the lower class. No, I didn’t find what my spiritual big brother Malcolm found in Mecca. I found racism in Mecca. And I’ve found it everywhere I’ve gone through the face of the planet Earth 196,940,000 square miles. I found it everywhere I went.”

    So I know what Malcolm claims to have found in Mecca, but even looking at the way they treat black people in these areas now, It’s hard to believe. Maybe Malcolm had better experience because of who he was, being known worldwide. I don’t believe that our ancestors were right about everything. Anyone who knows me, knows that I live Malcolm X. His words are what brought me into consciousness. But I also know that having the ability to look back, I can see that there were things that he was wrong about. So it is my job to correct the errors of our ancestors. But even as much as Malcolm professed to want to see unity among the races, by listening to his own words in his later speeches, it is evident that he still didn’t trust them. It’s also evident that he would not allow white people to join the organization of African-american unity. I feel that he new then that black people must first be united amongst ourselves before we seek to unite with others. The Chinese didn’t get the white man off of their back by uniting with them. They unified amongst themselves which gave them the power to run them out. Now they have the power, and white people can be as bigoted as they want against the Chinese, but they have to respect their power. Black people don’t have power because we don’t have any unity.

    Now I agree that going to a klan rally and yelling back and forth is not how you fight racism. My solution is mass organization. We have to be organized on a worldwide level. We have to look at ourselves as African so that no matter where we are in the world, we maintain that unity. If white people want to fight racism, that’s good. Those white people should organize with whites and fight racism. But racism against the black man is coming from all sides. From the Whites, from the Arab, from the Asians. We see it with the way blacks are treated all over the world. I have been keeping a record of it. We have to continue to organize and gain unity of thought. We black folks have to look to Africa and to defending a preserving Africa from where ever we are in the diaspora. Once we have that unity and a united African motherland, we will have the power. With that power, a white or an Arab or who ever can hate Africans as much as they want. But they will have to respect us.

    One of the previous responses says: “Hating those who hate us and being just as ignorant as they are proves and accomplishes nothing; if anything, it adds fuel to their fire of hatred and they feel justified for behaving as they do toward us. The best way to deal with hatred? Be a sucess! Climb the corporate ladder; own your own business; show that you are on more than an equal playing field with those who hate you – show that you’ve surpassed them.” I think this is a fallacy. We shouldn’t be striving to be successful in the institutions that are used to exploit our people throughout the world. We have to work to smash them. We shouldn’t be trying to climb the corporate ladder to prove to the white man that we are just as good. And that’s what happens, our people climb that ladder and forget about the people. You can’t help the people while climbing that ladder. As soon as you do, they’ll put you out. So those bourgeois types never really try to help the people. And I believe that these people only rise above the masses of their people by stepping upon their heads. It’s only when the people collectively rise that you should rise. You’re not going to defeat racist capitalism with more capitalism. Black people should be seeking to get the collective power so that whatever a white man thinks becomes irrelevant. Not trying to prove that you’re just as good (or bad) as them.

  7. i’ll try to keep it brief, because there’s really no need to repeat what XXX said.

    we are living in a world based upon white supremacy–the superiority of the white, and inferiority of the non-white. Black people in america, being 450 years entrenched in the headquarters of this ideology, and being totally destroyed–psychologically, economically, politically, morally, by it, are in the gravest condition of all people on this planet as a result. when a people lose complete knowledge of themselves, they are considered dead. i want to pause right there so we don’t misrepresent our brother, Malcolm X. he died a Black Nationalist with the OAAU (Organization of Afro-American Unity) as his main organization, and the Muslim Mosque, Inc. to teach Black people Islam. he said that what he saw during his travels, and during his hajj (religious pilgrimage to the Holy City of Mecca) is that if white people could accept and practice Islam, then brotherhood could be created between themselves and us. “I believe in the full brotherhood of mankind.” a Muslim believes full brotherhood can only be achieved by Islam. so, when you’re quoting Malcolm as if you agree with him, be sure that you properly understand your brother, that you don’t misrepresent him much like many, out of ignorance, or with ill-intent, have done.

    why do i bring this up? to illustrate a point. one thing that our people are going to have to do, that we have never done, is make unity with each other. i didn’t say this was easy, but it is absolutely necessary to the survival of our race, and any race. whether you agree with him or not, The Hon. Elijah Muhammad said THAT is more powerful than an atomic bomb. not because of violence or hatred. none of that. but because of the righteous principles inherent in brotherhood/sisterhood. if you understand the Law of Cause and Effect (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction) then you can see that our rise is their fall, because our terrible condition has made america the super power it has been. this is also true in other parts of the world, and is why america, through her military might, is constantly trying to rule other countries politically, economically, much like they currently do us. as well as rob them of their natural resources, (land and man-labor). if we, as a people, unite, and become producers of what we consume (food shelter clothing, etc) by first buying land–and it is for sale–and going into the Earth to produce what would create jobs and a future for our people, that would break the power of america, because our lack of unity and rabid consumerism only keeps others wealthy on our poor backs. this is the biggest threat to a country that is already on its way down–the rise of a 40million+ strong Black Nation, within a nation. this is why there are always moves made to fool us into thinking that white people want true brotherhood with us, and that a future exists for us, here under THIS system of things. no government, no wise ruling class, and no dumb poor white racist or so-called liberal can stop us from pooling our intellectual and financial resources and doing for self. we just have to get our own foot out of our own way. and we really don’t have to make bloody “race war” with anyone.

    if well meaning white people want to assist us in doing for self, good. but, they cannot be permitted to guide or rule over us any longer. in any way. and you’ll find, that there aren’t too many white people interested in aiding true Black Nationalism. there is a very real fear among them, that we will become powerful and do unto them what they have collectively done to us. but the more we try to figure out ways to integrate into a doomed country, the further into madness we’ll go, right along with america. just look at the evidence of what integration has produced thus far.

    you know, brother… right within our very nature, we have all the wisdom and power to vision, and bring into existence a new world that is based on the Universal Principles of Freedom, Justice, & Equality. unfortunately, the caucasian failed. we must stop the thinking that there is no future for us outside of what white people in america, rich or poor, can author and provide. and we must stop seeking their approval or support for moves we make for the future of Black people. and we must stop begging (what some call demanding) at the foot of others, for them to do for us, what we can get up and do for ourselves.

    have you ever seen a bird in a worm line? (smile)

  8. bwanae says:

    Good post bro!
    That is so true… The government tells everyone what they want to hear, give them a little of this and that. Just to keep them quiet!

    Robert Green wrote a book about the rule of power. Here is a few of them:

    – Make people depend on you for their happiness and prosperity. Never teach them enough so that they can do w/o you

    – Use selective honesty & generosity to disarm your victim. Suspicious minds will bring down the guard. Then you can deceive and manipulate them at will.

    That’s exactly what you wrote about. Unity means that people understand that the real issues are socio-economic ones; that the government uses honest a few moves to covert a lot of dishonest ones; that the price we pay for these government handouts is way too expensive.

    The elite will do whatever they can to keep ppl from understanding that. That would be a revolution. Not only in the USA but also in other parts of the world (Europe, Africa,…)
    In Africa for example, tribalism is racism. Plain and simple. Politicians use it, exacerbate it to protect the interests of happy few, not even the whole group!
    The masses have the same challenges (unemployment, healthcare, education,…). These are the real issues!

    As you said: “The revolution will be blogged.”

  9. bwanae says:

    Thanks for the mention BTW 😉

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