Ignoring a tidal wave over a leaky faucet

Posted: April 28, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Unlike all these morons working for and glued to the lamestream media, I’m not shocked, enraged, or horrified by the remarks made by Donald Sterling, the owner of the LA Clippers. This is the basic rundown:

Sterling calls girlfriend. Sterling tells girlfriend not to take pictures with Black men or bring them to the games. Girlfriend gets mad. Phone call is leaked. End of story.

What? Am I supposed to bitch and moan because of his racist opinions? This shit aint new to me. I live in this place called “The South”. You know, it’s interesting how the lamestream media works. Take something big, like affirmative action being banned in ANOTHER state for example. You know, the program that helps minorities with jobs and college admissions? Yeah, that thing. The media gave it a 30-minute segment before talking about that lost plane and its connection to UFOs. Think I’m lying? Check out last week’s headlines. Now, a fat slob who OWNS BLACK athletes telling his Kim Kardashien lookalike girlfriend not to take instagram pictures with black guys and WHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! 24-hour air play, in depth analysis, interviews, CNN specials, Black in America documentaries, rallies, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton speeches, lamb sacrifices made to the Gods…well not that last one but you get the point. Why is it that racism that holds Black people back is taken lightly while someone’s comments are taken as the word of god? There is REAL racism and LIGHT racism. One stings and one kills. Our society was built upon the backs of slaughtered Africans and Natives. The definition of racism could pretty much be America. Racism has not gone anywhere, it simply hides in plain sight. You have Black kids being shot in the streets for simply being Black and I’m supposed to be in uproar when some fucktard makes a racist statement? Instead of focusing on the racist statement of one man, let’s look at the overarching system in which he works, the NBA. Why is it that 83% of NBA players are Black while only 1 Black man is an owner? Why is it that 60% of NBA players file for bankruptcy 5 years after retirement? WHAT!?! You mean 18 year old Black inner-city kids with 12 college credits can’t balance a check book?! Again, out of 100 players in the NBA, 83 are Black…and only 1 in history has ever owned a team? But you want me to have a stroke over some diabetic talking about black people? I’m good. So, the next time some moron spews some racist crap, keep it to yourselves. Me and my race conscious brothers and sisters know how the lamestream media works. You thow us a bone to keep us distracted from the meat. It’s a lot like ignoring a tidal wave over a leaky faucet. Imagine you are at your home and you live near a beach. Your back is towards the ocean. You are pissed off at the leaky faucet in your bathroom. The leaky faucet is Donald Sterling telling his Kim Kardashien lookalike girlfriend to stop taking instagram pictures with Black men. The tidal wave is affirmative action being banned. Which one should be looked at more deeply? Which one actually means a damn and can literally destroy your life? If Black people think a guy who owns a basketball team’s opinion on race is more important than the repealing of laws that were made to help give the Black race a hand up in life, consider this being my resignation from the African American race letter.

PS: Have fun with the special on “Race in America” tonight…I’m sure one is coming on. I wonder if it will be hosted by Soledad O’Brien and that chubby guy who is only on CNN when its about race or Barack Obama? Roland Mcdonald or something? Whatever. Peace.

  1. that 2011 GZ bruh says:

    Its Roland Martin….lol. I have been reading your posts for a while my brother. I have come to a conclusion that you are right. Im not surprised. The black community needs to understand that we don’t fight for anything anymore. Elgin Baylor has worked for Mr. Sterling for over 10 Years knew of this behavior and still had enough low self respect to work for him, the NAACP gave him an Lifetime Achievement award after a housing discrimination lawsuit. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin could have took a stand and not played but here is the common denominator. Money. Adam Silver is going to give him a slap on the wrist and he still owns the team….why because the commissioner still works for the owners. They can’t throw him out. Money rules all. Black men are becoming an endangered species. And a detriment to our community at the same time. I currently live in a state where I can’t be senselessly murdered for having my 12s blasting too loud or wearing a hoodie or being black. And being taken down to a misdemeanor. Then I can racist ass Bundy then Michigan denying affirmative action because justice Roberts thinks that times are changing. No there not. Not when voter act laws are being taken away and innocent blacks are being shot down. We lack the intelligence to see that we not only stand up and give a damn about our lives and care about upward mobility or will have a epidemic of college graduates doing nothing but wanting to be rap stars and working for Wake up now. This shit is atrocious and Donald Sterling was just the beginning.

  2. Schlüter says:

    Well understanding the anger of many people I very much see your point! Let me tell you how I overlooked the incident and got only aware of it now: Being very busy with the terrible situation in Congo and the Inter lake Region of Africa and the millions of dead Congolese caused by US & Western vassal politics, busy with the (not so new) Western war on Africa I can not but see it as the symptom of the ongoing racism in the US (and elsewhere)!
    Keep it on, Comrade!
    Best regards

    • Byron H Evans says:

      Wow, A lot of us don’t realize that were sleep walking or you may say pretending. People we need to have empathy for one another this was not taught in our schools like our history never excited, forgive yourselves. Begin to learn you study why you do what you do, learn the history of it and ask yourself what does this half to do with me, was my people aloud to always participate in this event, like the 4th of July. What does this event represent, my freedom I think not. How you live dictate your behavior self education will be your greatest asset just ask yourselves questions about these injustices in good ole USA. How you spend your money influences quite a bit if you really understand, educate you! When you have been taught to be poor this is what you get.

  3. When can we expect Adam Silver to resign?? Silver with the entire NBA front Office were on watch during the Sterling Era…Why are people lionizing this moral coward?

  4. bwanae says:

    You are totally right bro. A lot of people have been missing the point.
    Be good!

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