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This morning, I was doing my due diligence as an informed citizen by checking my 10+ news streams to get about half of a story.

Headlines were as followed:
Trump did this.
Trump did that.
Disturbed mentally ill lone wolf White guy kills dozens.
Famous rich man touched famous rich woman.

Near the “increase your testosterone 100000000% with this one trick” clickbait ad, I saw the 2018 Grammys highlights. I’m almost 31 so I figured what the heck, let’s play the “how many of these artists can I even recognize” game.

The first act was Kendrick Lamar and I was blown away.

Not necessarily by the song lyrics though, but Dave Chapelle’s interjection halfway through the performance:
“I just wanted to remind the audience that the only thing more frightening than watching a Black man being honest in America is being an honest Black man in America”.


“I just wanted to remind the audience that the only thing more frightening than watching a Black man being honest in America is being an honest Black man in America”.

One more time for the All Lives Matter crowd.

“I just wanted to remind the audience that the only thing more frightening than watching a Black man being honest in America is being an honest Black man in America”.


Let a Black man speak honestly about his perceptions and treatment and he’s labeled an Anti-American Socialist supporting Communist who wants to rape, murder, and BBQ innocent White children on an alter dedicated to Satan and Malcolm X. Oh and he hates every single cop too.

After reading the article, I committed more scholarly research into the topic by diving into the well of infinite knowledge of the human condition…the comment section.

Shockingly, I didn’t see that many N words thrown around but I did see something that kept echoing:
Why does everything have to be about race?

It’s a valid question.

Why does everything have to be about race?

Well..why does everything have to be about race?

Let’s see..

Immigration to the colonies was about race.

The Native American genocide and Manifest Destiny was about race.

Chattel slavery from the 1500s to the late 1800s was about race.

Independence being declared for White men and White men only was about race.

The Civil War was about race.

Early landownership laws was about race.

Voting was about race.

Black Codes was about race.

Gun laws was about race.

Immigration and bringing me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses (just not the Brown ones from shithole countries) was about race.

Great Depression social program eligibility was about race.

Military interventions or lack thereof was about race.

Medical experimenation was about race.

Segregation was about race.

Redlining housing districts was about race.

Jim Crow was about race.

Criminal justice reform, sentencing recommendations, and capital punishment was about race.

Community policing was about race.

Political power and candidate selection was about race.

Credit approval and bank loans was about race.

Free speech was about race.

A presidential candidate laying out his plan of action and all of its intricacies for some voters while telling the other voters “what in the hell do you have to lose” was about race.

The difference between “receiving handouts” and being a “beneficiary of safety net services” was about race.

The difference between being labeled a crackhead or an opioid addict was about race.

The difference between being sent to county jail or rehabilitating center was about race.

The difference between being a “son of a bitch” and a “very fine person” was about race.


When a Black president says a Black unarmed teenager who stood his ground against a stalker engaging in racial profiling could look like his son, it’s bad somehow because it’s about race?

When Black football players speak out against police brutality and societal inequality in regard to Black and Brown people with no voice, it’s bad somehow because it’s about race?

When Black artists talk about life in America while being Black, its bad somehow because it’s about race?

…………..I digress.

Why does everything have to be about race you ask?

How about, when was anything NOT about race (or would that be using the race card)?


Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence, and toughness multiplies toughness in a descending spiral of destruction…the chain reaction of evil — hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars — must be broken, or we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation.
-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Hating Hatred Doesn’t Work


On April 20th, 2013, my family and I decided to protest a Neo Nazi/Ku Klux Klan rally at the Georgia Capital in Atlanta, Georgia.  The protest changed me deeply, shaping in me a new way of thinking.  This post will focus on race, the protest, and my newfound solution to racism. 


Racism Defined

Racism, since the beginning of its conception, has always been a tool utilized by the ruling elites to keep the poor and working class Black and white people separated.  Theoretically, there is no reason why a poor Black person or a poor White person should vote or organize differently since both desire and require the same necessities: employment, education, shelter, food, etc.  The elites know this and understand that there is power in numbers.  To thwart unity, the elites employ their two political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats, to keep the poor and working class Black and White people apart for their benefit.  Bob Marley explained it perfectly in his 1979 song Ambush in the Night:

See them (Political Parties) fighting for power
But they know not the hour
So they bribing with their guns, spare-parts and money,
Trying to belittle our
Integrity now.
They say what we know
Is just what they teach us;
And we’re so ignorant
‘Cause every time they can reach us
Through political strategy
They keep us hungry
And when you wanna get some food
Your brother got to be your enemy.

Marley describes political parties fighting for power, using bribes to belittle people’s integrity.  Think of these bribes as universal healthcare, scholarships, background checks for guns, or increased social security spending, things politicians promise yet seldom deliver.   Marley also notes that political parties teach people through political strategies, mainstream media indoctrination basically, leading people to become physically and economically hungry…with their brother, the poor and working class Republican or Democrat, falsely appearing to be in the way of their “food”, which is jobs, security, schools, etc.

Republicans, with their continued use of the “Southern Strategy”, pimp poor and working class Whites with “I may be poor, but at least I aint a nigger” type of rhetoric, promoting strong views on militarism, capitalism, crime prevention, love of a White God, and anti-immigration.  These type of people drive pick up trucks and preach self-reliance with a “take no mess” attitude.

The Democrats on the other end, pimp mostly Black voters, insisting to them that they are “good white folk”, patting them on the head, feeding them with government handouts.  The Democrats teach Blacks that the Republicans are all racist hicks that think they are lazy, ignorant, and prone to violence.  If a Black decides to go Republican, these same “good White folk” Democrats who pat the Blacks on the head, stroking their kinky locks, turns into God, casting the Black Republican out of the “Garden of Eden”, calling THEM the racist.  The irony…

At this, the elites smoke cigars with the Republican and Democrat party leaders and play golf together while their constituents grow more and more resentful towards each other.  Just like in Afghanistan and Iraq, the elites rejoice while the poor and working class fight with a misconstrued feeling of patriotism. 

“Conscious” people, like politicians, also perpetrate racism.  Here are two theories of racism and how they are not accurate.

1.     Black people can’t be racist because they have no power.

2.     Racism is something exerted to others and not self.

First off, anyone who says Black people have no power is most likely a racist. Tell Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Huey P. Newton, Fred Hampton, Cornel West, Nelson Mandela, Angela Davis, or Mumia Abu Jamal Black people have no power.  How can the creators of modern civilization have no power?  Black people DO have power, tremendous amounts of it, some just don’t know what to do with it.  Instead of taking their power to college campuses to organize, some take it to White owned football teams to organize…to tackle people.  Instead of taking their power to protest against police brutality, some take it to White owned recording booths to promote Black on Black brutality.  Instead of taking their power to stand outside a state capital for the release of a political prisoner, some take it to stand outside a White owned Footlocker for the re-re-re-re-re-rereleased pair of 180$ basketball shoes that they wont even play basketball in.  Come on man, come on…  Black people do have power, some just don’t collectively aim it in the right direction for true positive change. 

Secondly, self-hatred in my opinion is a form of racism.  Perming one’s hair, whitening one’s skin, killing one’s brother…all this is a form of racism because it entails hating one’s skin and Black characteristics, seeing a brother as an enemy.  If a White person hates a Black person he is racist.  If a Black person hates a Black person he is racist.  We have to start judging ourselves with the same rubric we employ to judge others.  A White man can’t be racist simply because he didn’t vote for Obama yet a Black man is not racist for killing five Black men and injuring three in a shootout.  How can we call the Ku Klux Klan racist if our own brothers are carrying out their dirty deeds for them?  Racism is racism no matter who perpetrates it.  With that being said, lets talk about my family outing to the Ku Klux Klan/Neo Nazi rally.



Butterflies were turning flips in my stomach as my family and I approached the capital.  I was not afraid of the Ku Klux Klan or the Nazis because I see racists every day, but to see them out in the open with their views, passionate about their hatred and not ashamed of it was something different..something intimate..something more real.  When I turned the corner, walking past Georgia State Troopers with cocked and ready M-16’s, I found myself face to face with rage and hatred, anger and pride.. grungy looking white men in White robes and militant looking White men in Black military suits, pants tucked into their shiny boots.  Holding my son close, he asked, “Daddy, who are those men?”  I simply replied, “People who don’t want Black people and White people to live together…the same people who hated Dr. King and wants segregation.”  My son nodded in my arms and buried his head into my chest.  The racists were on the steps of the capital, waving flags and holding banners, their apparent leader speaking from a PA system.  The leader was drowned out by screaming from his supporters and noise made by the protesters.  The protesters ranged from young tough looking Black men to old White hipsters.  There were some men wearing V for Vendetta masks as well as a large Jewish presence.  After a while, the leader ended his speech and a long period of taunting began.  The racists spit across the barricade, protesters flipping the middle finger, shouts of “Cracker ill kill you” from the protester side and “You lucky the police are here boy” from the racist side.  Throughout all the pandemonium, the police looked as if they were against the protester side, keeping their back towards the racists, the gun facing us.  In the midst of all the commotion, a protester, a young woman, was grabbed and dragged through the street by the police, apparently for having a sign with explicit words written on it.  I guess freedom of speech is defined as verbal speech, not written?  With protesters playing bongos and snare drums and racists continuing to hurl insults, the atmosphere was similar to that of a playground tussle, all talk and no fights.  After a stand still, the racists decided to end the speeches and head back to their place of gathering.  The protesters stood there in a confused daze, not sure to follow them or continue protesting where they were.  After the racists entered a parking deck where they regrouped, a large group of protesters circled the building and stood on the corner.  The playground fight atmosphere continued, racists screaming down, protesters screaming up, cops screaming at protesters, racists screaming down, protesters screaming up, cops screaming at protesters, so on and so on and so on…  In the end, I looked from protester to racist, racist to protester, and again from protester to racist; but already it was impossible to say which was which*. The battle was a stalemate, a tie between who said the most insults. The crowd started to disperse and people went home. 

* Yes, I borrowed that line from Orwell’s book Animal Farm.


Police agents assassinated Malcolm X after he worshiped with White Muslims and started to believe in Black/White unity.  Dr. King was assassinated after he began to wean from civil rights to focus more on antiwar/economic rights work, something not simply a Black and White issue but also a Green.  The elites, as I wrote earlier, drive a wedge between the have and the have nots based on money and use race as its scapegoat.  The solution to racism IS NOT advocating a race war.  That is the most ignorant, suicidal thing a “conscious” person can do.  Advocating a poor and working class war would be extremely successful.  I’m not saying a guerilla war in the streets, but a war of public and corporate boycotts, military defections, strikes, peaceful protests, rallies, marches, teach ins, sit ins, mass arrests, occupations, etc, etc…   The real war is No Green Verses Green, Not Black Verses White.  The solution to racism is simply unity.  I never fully understood the meaning of non-violent protest until I witnessed a potentially violent one.  Screaming “F*ck you White trash” isn’t bringing anyone to the table of brotherhood.  Spitting at a protester isn’t getting at the core of why one fundamentally disagrees with one’s thought pattern.  Unity will take a tremendous amount of work because America’s race history is mostly negative.   We as conscious people must understand that at the core belief of racism is classism.  We must come together not as man-made races but as one government made class…the poor and working class.  I will end this blog with a quote from the great Malcolm X.  

“I believe there will ultimately be a clash between the oppressed and those who do the oppressing. I believe that there will be a clash between those who want freedom, justice, and equality for everyone, and those who want to continue the systems of exploitation…but I don’t think that it will be based upon the color of the skin, as Elijah Muhammad had taught it”.

A house that is divided cannot stand…

All Power To The People

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“The white conservatives aren’t friends of the Negro, but they at least don’t try to hide it. They are like wolves; they show their teeth in a snarl that keeps the Negro always aware of where he stands with them. But the white liberals are foxes, who also show their teeth to the Negro but pretend that they are smiling. The white liberals are more dangerous than the conservatives; they lure the Negro, & as the Negro runs from the growling wolf, he flees into the open jaws of the smiling fox.
One is the wolf, the other is a fox. No matter what, they’ll both eat you.”
-El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcom X)

Two Parties, Two Problems

My new year’s resolution is simple: reveal to the people the true problem in America. This problem encompasses global warming, Benghazi, the obesity epidemic, September 11th, the foreclosure crisis, terrorism, prison rates, cancer, the fiscal cliff, medical costs, & unemployment because they all result from that overarching problem. The problem is an institution…senators, congresswomen, congressmen, governors, lawmakers…even the voters. Ultimately, the Republicans & the Democrats are the problem. This article will define the the two problem system & what can be done to stop it.

The Problem

Republicans: The Personality Disorder Party

“We help those that already have the means to help themselves.”

-Family Guy

The Republicans are a very confused bunch of individuals. Through all my personal observations, interactions, & studies, I’ve concluded that there are two types of Republicans: The rich Republicans & the redneck Republicans.

The rich Republicans are a selfish, snooty, “my grandfather owns the bank,” type of people. They graduate from top universities without any help from student loans. Young Republican men are legacies at college, pledging fraternities with their Northface jackets & boat shoes on. They are the type of people who swipe their dad’s credit card at Chick-Fil-A while saying, “there is no such thing as a free lunch”. Young Republican women pledge sororities, go serve a year in a poor country preaching the Bible, then return home & marry a doctor. They preach self-reliance while working as a domestic engineer…also known as a housewife. They preach the virtue of motherhood while letting a mammy, an old Black lady, cook the meals, clean the house, & raise the housewife’s five future rich Republican children. It’s a vicious cycle. Rich Republicans are a walking contradiction, loving money while listening to their minister say “the love of money is the root of all evil”. Most rich Republicans, like their money & political leanings, are born into them.

Living in the South since 1993, I have interacted intimately with the next set of Republicans. Redneck Republicans are dumb, beer drinking, ignorant people who lack proper mannerisms. They are the type of people who invest more into their pickup truck & gun collection than in their children’s future. Redneck Republicans hate Muslims because they think Muslims want Allah to rule the world, yet pray daily for a reincarnated Jesus to rule the world. Double standards maybe? These poor & lower middle class people say twenty minute long prayers before breakfast, lunch, & dinner…or as they say, “supper”. I’m not sure if redneck Republicans believe the American Civil War is over with yet because they still proudly walk around donning their Confederate flags. Slogans on their Dixie Outfitter shirts read, “history not hate, pride not prejudice, the South will rise again, & these colors don’t run”…I guess they didn’t hear about what happened at the Appomattox Court House in Virginia 1865? Redneck Republicans value a fetus more than actual life; just ask them their stance on capital punishment & wars. Redneck Republicans believe strongly in the right to own firearms but not the right of a government to ensure their citizenry is fed, housed, & insured. Interestingly enough though, these people claim to be the party of Jesus. Yep. Jesus would rather a people be well armed than well fed. I guess I missed the part in Exodus when God sent down assault rifles & manna? Or was it quail & Glocks? No, no, no…Moses hit the rock & shotguns flooded out right? Yeah…I didn’t think so…

As of late, there have been a couple of Republican Party knock offs to emerge in the mainstream; the Tea Party & the Liberty movement.

In a nutshell, the Tea Party rallied for lower taxes. The Tea Party was nowhere to be found when White politicians continually raised taxes or military spending, but when Obama was elected & began talking about taxes,
The Tea Party claims they weren’t racist though because they had two or three Black faces dotting the crowds, including Herman “Walnut” Cain & the baldhead guy who serves as Sean Hannity’s lapdog whenever an issue of race comes up. With those two Black men speaking on Fox News for an entire race, I slept well at night. Not really. The rich Republicans bought them out shortly after they garnered steam.

The Liberty movement is slowly but surely headed towards the Republican cause. The Liberty movement developed from the Ron Paul movement, an “end the fed”, Laissez Faire, “take my gun from my cold dead hand” type of movement. It’s ironic when it comes to the term “liberty” though. The Liberty movement rallies for liberty when it comes to the liberty to own a gun, but are silent when it comes to the liberty to be safe from the carnage that results from a gun. I would respect the Liberty movement more if they fought for disenfranchised citizens who’s liberties are continually taken away due to class & race. How about the Liberty movement protesting against stop & frisk, racial profiling & discrimination, the disparities in crime sentencing due to class, & the countless ever-growing barriers separating Americans from the liberties they are constitutionally entitled to? Well, they are the liberty movement basing their platform on the Constitution right? Right?

The most ironic thing about the Republican Party is how polar opposite its members are. People like Mitt Romney & people like Billy Bob have nothing in common yet they vote the same. Why is that? One can thank the Southern Strategy for that. This political tactic resembles that of Black codes, the first act of disenfranchisement initiated after the Africans were “emancipated” following the Civil War. Using terms like “Welfare mammies, crack heads, & junkies” instead of “struggling single mothers, drug user, & addicts”, the Republicans separated poor White from poor Black (hence redneck Republicans). Certain terms brought certain reactions. Tough on crime is another example. Tough on crime doesn’t mean sentencing crime the same way no matter a person’s race or class (compare Lindsay Lohan to a poor person with the similar crimes), it means raiding poor neighborhoods of color to make arrest quotas. Thanks to Southern Strategy’s use of rhetoric & policy, Whites started loathing Blacks & left the Democrat Party…all this to the delight of the Republicans.

Bottom line: The Republicans are a party of old rich White men & dumb Rednecks. If they want to survive as a party & not morph into a hate group, they need to change their rhetoric & update their party platform. It’s 2013, not 1965. The Old Testament is named “Old” for a reason.

Democrats: The “I Used To Be” Party

“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, & from man to pig, & from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which”.
-George Orwell
Animal Farm

The Democrats are a very sneaky & intelligent party. Because of that, they have pulled off the biggest hoax in American political history. The Democrats sell this dream of being the “party of the poor”.
Question: How many Democratic senators, congressmen/congresswomen, judges, & other appointees live or have ever lived in a homeless shelter?
How many Democrats make less than 25,000 dollars a year?
How many Democratic politicians don’t have Ivy League degrees?
How many Democrats don’t serve the interest of bankers & lobbyists?
Does one truly think Nancy Pelosi drives a Toyota Camry or Joe Biden a Honda Accord?
Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Throughout my observations, I have broken down the Democrats into two groups: Democrats & Black Democrats.

Democrats are an interesting bunch. In college, Democrats wear lots of hemp bracelets, listen to Bob Dylan albums, smoke weed, & drink Starbucks like its going out of style. Democrats major in social work & go on mission trips with their parents money. Yeah, Democrats are rich too. They return home with plenty of “awww, look at the poor little brown kid” pictures. Democrats love minorities and “stand for Trayvon”. Interestingly enough though, most of them have no friends named Trayvon. They are cool with the Blacks though. Where else would they buy their weed from? In ten years, most of these people become Republicans. It’s a maturity thing.

Black Democrats on the other hand, have a serious problem. Instead of beginning where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Huey P. Newton, & other exemplary black community leaders left off, they gave all their hopes, dreams, power, & aspirations to a class of rich White people. To this day I still have no clue why. Instead of instituting free breakfast programs like the Black Panthers did, Black Democrats waited for the other Democrats to come & feed them. Instead of marching against racism & discrimination, Black Democrats waited for the other Democrats to institute hate crime legislation & affirmative action. Handout dependency is another issue Black Democrats suffer from.

Welfare, food stamps, Medicaid…all these are forms of hush money. The Democrats give these commodities to poor people (largely African American) as bribes. “Look, ignore our responsibility in the bankrupting of Detroit…here’s two hundred dollars of redistributed middle class money if you don’t start a march. African Americans, ignore our support for tough on crime legislation & racial profiling, two policies that utterly destroy your neighborhoods…here’s free food bought by redistributed middle class money…it’s yours if you don’t organize”. You see? Democrats shoot poor people in the foot then offer them Band-Aids to fix it. If handouts truly did their job, why is it that the areas & neighborhoods that receive them the most are still poor, violent, & drug filled? Progressives are truly agents of regression when it comes to the poor. I don’t see people in Liberty City, Miami “moving on up”. I don’t see residents of 9th Ward New Orleans “moving on up”. Chicago? Don’t get me started. Democrats are what I like to think of when I read the famous Black educator & author Carter G. Woodson’s following quote: “If the Negro in the ghetto must eternally be fed by the hand that pushes him into the ghetto, he will never become strong enough to get out of the ghetto”. I REPEAT, “If the Negro in the ghetto must eternally be fed by the hand that pushes him into the ghetto, he will never become strong enough to get out of the ghetto”. One last time for the skim through type of reader: “ If the Negro in the ghetto must eternally be fed by the hand that pushes him into the ghetto, he will never become strong enough to get out of the ghetto”. I hope that sunk in.

I call the Democrats the “used to be party” because most of the stances they prided themselves on no longer apply. Some call it compromising, I call it selling out. Starting in the 1960s, Democrats were the party of change…recently though, that change has been for the worse. In 2013, its impossible to differentiate between “pig to man”…I mean between Republican to Democrat.

There are a few stances the Republicans are very proud of the Democrats for, including the National Defense Authorization Act, Guantanamo Bay, & the president’s use of drones

The National Defense Authorization act, otherwise known as NDAA, is a measure that has strong Democratic backing and was resigned by President Obama on January 2nd of this year. This bill authorizes the military & police to wiretap, watch, arrest, & detain indefinitely US citizens who are suspected of terrorism or any other type of “undesirable” behavior. While arrested, citizens are denied the access to a trial & the right to know what charge they stand accused of. Think of this as legalized COINTELPRO. United States citizens who are protected under the Constitution could be literally “Black bagged” for dissident political views. The Democrats not only supported this legislation, the President himself argued strongly for the indefinite detention language to remain in the bill.

Once arrested, the government will ultimately send the citizen to Guantanamo Bay, the place Mr. hope & change himself promised to close five years ago. Still waiting. Guantanamo Bay, or GITMO for short, regularly employs enhanced interrogation, or torture, to extract information. There is no Democratic outrage though. Obama, a constitutional lawyer by trade, sees no violation of the Geneva Accords. There are no marches or rallies by Liberals against that. Damn Democrats, where is your backbone?

The human rights abuses caused by Drones is another issue Democrats are not talking about. Drones are small-unmanned surveillance planes that gather reconnaissance information. Drones mainly operate in the Middle East & North Africa, but as of late, are being developed & sold to local police departments in America. I forgot to mention that Drones are also equipped with missiles and machine gun turrets. Drones don’t ask for driver’s licenses & proof of insurance before they wreak havoc. Lots of innocent civilians die, mostly women & kids, fueling hatred & resentment of America. Oh, that’s why they hate us? I thought it was because of Rock & Roll music? Again, there is no Democratic rage over clear as day human rights abuses. Democrats just wave their 9/11 flags and say “it’s necessary for national security”. Bravo from the Republicans, bravo!

There is a clear double standard here. When George Bush signed the PATRIOTACT, an act Obama has not repealed, the Democratic voters were up in arms. Protests, rallies, meetings, & petitions to impeach Bush were signed. Obama signs NDAA and the Democrats are more interested in the Lakers game that night. George Bush commits war crimes; Obama does what’s necessary. It’s maddening.

Bottom Line: If the Democrats are going to bring “hope & change” to America, they must first start by bringing it to their own party. The Democrats, with their support of Neo-Conservative style laws & policies, have lost their way. The Democrats will need another 1960s style grassroots movement to revive their party. If not, the masses will see through their veil & recognize them as being the “other” rich party. Black Democrats, read some Huey P. Newton.

The solution

People Power: The Forgotten Weapon

The people have been doing for self since mankind appeared on Earth. Before organized religion & politicians received all the credit, people created their present day situations as well as their hoped for futures. For some odd reason in the course of history, people began thinking that they were powerless without a man in a suit speaking for them. People got more & more comfortable with “equal representation” until it eventually became “unequal representation”. More & more people are becoming poorer while fewer & fewer people are becoming richer. Though oppressed people have know this for centuries, the American dream had finally been revealed as a facade. People are noticing how powerless they are no matter how many town hall meetings they attend or letters they write to their representatives. Huey P. Newton, Co-founder of the Black Panthers would always say “Power to the People”. “Power to the People”, not “Power to the lesser of two evils who one only votes for because they feel they have no other choice”. People do have another choice & it starts with themselves. The solution is people power…grassroots movements for change. Occupy has no leader…Anonymous has no leader. These are organizations that are changing the world with no “suit wearing representatives” pulling the strings for them. Gandhi said, “be the change you want to see in the world”. Gandhi is 110% right. BE THE CHANGE, not believe that a Harvard educated lawyer will bring about hope & change…or forward…or whatever gimmick a politician is spinning the next election cycle. The power belongs to the people, & only the people can change America for the better.

Russell Kirk, an author, political theorist, and professor, was indisputably the father of modern American Conservatism. Kirk wrote many books on the subject of Conservatism during his lifetime, including The Library of Conservative Thought and Prospects for Conservatives. One book in particular stood out in Kirk’s collection and provided the American Conservative movement a core set of beliefs. That book is The Conservative Mind. Not only does The Conservative Mind provide a set of principals for the Conservative movement as a whole, it also examines how some of history’s greatest men believed in its core beliefs, focusing on one thinker in particular, Edmund Burke. Also examined is Kirk’s impact on the current America political scene.

Book Analysis

The Conservative Mind could be described as the “Conservative Manifesto”. Written in 1953, Kirk’s book lays out the foundation of his beliefs in what he calls the “Six Cannons of conservative thought” (Kirk 7). They are as followed:
1. Belief that a divine intent rules society
2. Affection for the proliferating variety and mystery of traditional life
3. Conviction that civilized society requires order and classes
4. Persuasion that property and freedom are inseparably connected
5. Faith in prescription and distrust of “sophisters and calculators”
6. Recognition that change and reform are not identical and that innovation is a devouring conflagration more often than it is a torch of progress
(Kirk 9).

Kirk’s conservatism is derived from Ireland’s Edmund Burke. Burke, an author and member of the House of Commons, was the leading member in England’s Whig party. Kirk’s best explanation of Burke comes about when describing Burke’s personality. “All his life, Burke’s chief concern had been for justice and liberty, which must fall or stand together. He(Burke) had defended the liberties of English men against their king . . . Hindus against Europeans. He had defended those liberties because they were ancient prerogatives, guaranteed by immortal usage. Burke was a liberal because he was conservative” (Kirk 19). The above quote shows that even though one is conservative, with a belief in justice and liberty, one also is a classical liberal. The term liberal itself derives from liberty. The men Kirk surveys for the book are from differing nationalities as well as differing occupations but still similar political alignments. Some of these men include Walter Scott, John Adams, George Santayana, and Benjamin Disraeli. Kirk ends his book by posing a simple question: What is a real conservative? Kirk’s answer is as followed: “some of the stereotypes are dull, boorish, bigoted…the enemy of imagination and youth. The true conservative may be a resolute and strong-minded clergyman, or a warn father, or a truck driver . . .” (Kirk 441). Kirk is showing that employment or station have little to do with one’s political alignment. That type of attitude helped propel Conservatism into the new millennium and led to a larger following.

People Profiles

Kirk mentions many important men in his book who have contributed largely to America and her politics. From John Adams to Thomas Paine, Kirk shows that many men have ascribed to Conservative beliefs. Alexis De Tocqueville, a Frenchmen, has had a large effect on American affairs since the publication of his book Democracy in America. Kirk believes that Tocqueville, a student of Burke, shows his conservatism through two strong beliefs; democracy without liberty is baseless and a conforming population brings about evil. Kirk begins his study by quoting from a letter written by Tocqueville. “By what saddens me is not that our society is democratic, but that the vices we have inherited and acquired have made it so difficult for us to obtain or to keep well-regulated liberty. And I know nothing so miserable as a democracy without liberty” (Kirk 179). Tocqueville believes that in order to have a democracy, there must also be liberty. A democracy exists on the foundation of liberty, and without a strong foundation, democracy fails. Loosing ones individualism and conforming is also a concern of Tocqueville’s. “As men grow more alike, each man feels himself weaker in regard to all the rest; as he discerns nothing by which he is considerably raised above them or distinguished from them . . . not only does he mistrust his strength, but he even doubts of his right” (Kirk 180). Tocqueville sees that a democracy that makes you conform and not promote the highest ideals is a dangerous one. Kirk, like Tocqueville, believes “society ought to be designed to encourage the highest moral and intellectual qualities in man; the worst threat of the new democratic system is that mediocrity will not only be encouraged, but may be enforced” (Kirk 180). Kirk believes that without intelligence or the “natural aristocracy”, society will be at the hands of despots. Tocqueville truly touched and shaped Kirk’s views. No matter how old the belief system, “Conservatism, “like cattle under the English oaks”, keeps on ticking” (Kirk 1).

Kirk’s Importance

When it comes to Kirk’s importance in the American political sphere, his influence is very hard to see. The conservatism of Kirk’s day and the conservatism of the modern day are two very different beliefs. The conservatism of Kirk’s day was aimed at living the traditional life, with family and God being mainstays of the home. With that being said, the conservatives of old were neither Libertarians nor Neo-conservatives. Money and business were not big issues to Kirk. The following quote is from Kirk on the subject of Libertarianism; “To complete the rout of traditionalists in America, an impression began to arise that the new industrial and acquisitive interests are the conservative interest…that conservatism is simply a political argument in defense of large accumulations of private property, that expansion, centralization, and accumulation are the tenets of conservatives” (Kirk 239). Kirk denies that money has anything to do with conservatism. Neo-conservatism was also not true conservatism to Kirk. Kirk once said, “not seldom has it seemed as if some eminent Neoconservatives mistook Tel Aviv for the capital of the United States.” (Kirk). Kirk is saying that a belief in Israel isn’t ground zero for one being labeled a true conservative, its deeper than that.


The conservative movement in America has been anything but “old” and “never changing”. Kirk, though not living, is still very alive today through his writings and will continue to inspire all who reads and believes in his cause. Conservatism is, as Kirk says, “the preservation of the ancient moral traditions of humanity” (Kirk 7). I believe that everyone has some sort of conservative belief system, whether that be political or religious. Only time will tell if true conservatism will make a come back.


Kirk, Russell The Conservative Mind

According to the Democrats, the cause of the Middle Eastern and African protests is a YouTube trailer.



According to the Republicans, the cause of the Middle Eastern and African protests is none.  The Middle East and Africa simply hates America for their freedoms.



Anyone who votes for them or agrees with their stance on the issue is an idiot….an absolute idiot.

The Democrats and the Republicans both missed the pitch when it comes to the cause of the Middle Eastern and African protests.  In this game, the two parties only get one strike. THEY ARE BOTH OUT.  Be honest with yourself before their policies cause more American citizens to be out.  Out of life.  You know why the Middle East and Africa hates America?  Its not because women here wear skirts or men here listen to Elvis, it’s because the America government kills them.  End of story.


There is a reason why Swedish people aren’t protesting.   There is a reason why German people aren’t protesting.  America isn’t droning down their citizens in an undeclared war.  America’s CIA isn’t infiltrating their people to cause uprisings to secure oil routes.  These people aren’t continually under America’s size 9,600 Boot.  Why the size 9,600?  That’s the “official” amount of WMDs America possesses.  Well, as of 2010 anyway.  My father would always say, “Son, before judging a man, walk a day in his shoes”.  Since some of my American readers would not want to leave the peace and security of a Starbucks Coffee patio, I challenge you to IMAGINE walking a day in the shoes of someone.  Imagine that shoe belonging to a Libyan, a Somali, a Lebanese, or a Pakistani.  Imagine waking up not knowing if an Air Force drone will machine-gun you down.  Imagine not knowing in a Navy SEAL will snipe you, detain you, disappear you.  Imagine not knowing if a suicide bomber will blow himself up in protest against Western occupation.  Imagine.  Hear the screams of children running when a Black object flies through the sky.  Hear the cries of women holding the body parts of their husbands.  Smell the blood on the ground.  Smell the smoke from the bomb.   Imagine all this being done by Western imperialists.  Imagine.  Now come back to reality.  We should feel lucky that flags are the only things being burned.

I can see it now.  Jacked up pickup trucks are driving in town with huge American flags flying.  Old veterans of foreign wars are speaking at engagements.  News anchors are proudly displaying miniature flag lapel pins on their coat collars.  Politicians are making grand speeches about the splendors of the American way of life.  Loud speakers are playing “God Bless the USA” and “This Land is Your Land” (with the last stanzas purposely cut off).  The Democrats are saying Osama Bin Laden is dead because of President Obama.  The Republicans are saying Osama Bin Laden is dead because of the policies of President Bush.  This is America on 9/11…this is patriotism…

Do we celebrate 9/11 or do we mourn it?  Is today a day of national mourning, a day when a handful of “plotters” pulled off the biggest act of terror on American soil to date or is today a day of celebration, a day when the whole nation came together, where all believed in America the beautiful?  A question of this nature would be almost impossible to answer if posed to your average American.  Why?  Well…because your average American doesn’t experience much terrorism.  This question should be posed to people who experience terrorism at a more frequent rate.  People located in the developing nations…people of faltering democracies…people of failed states…people of the 3rd world…people whom most Americans deem unfit and not worth a 5 dollar sponsorship.

Instead of asking Joe the plumber if 9/11 should be celebrated or mourned, ask people who survived the Bay of Pigs invasion, an act of United States terrorism in the sovereign country of Cuba.  See if the survivors mourned or celebrated America dropping bombs on them and machine gunning down innocent citizens.

Instead of asking Sally the stylist if 9/11 should be celebrated or mourned, ask the people who survived the American War in Vietnam, an act of United States terrorism in the sovereign country of Vietnam.  See if the survivors mourned or celebrated America napalming and raping their children while exercising a scorched Earth policy from coast to coast, destroying most of Vietnam’s jungle.

Instead of asking Bob the baker should 9/11 be celebrated or mourned, ask the people who survived drone attacks in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia, acts of United States terrorism in those sovereign countries.  See if the survivors mourned or celebrated being shot upon with 50 caliber machine guns and rockets by a small, computer guided planes.

If your answer is yes, 9/11 should be mourned, well then so should the above mentioned acts of terrorism committed by America be mourned.  Terrorism isn’t just when a perpetrator orchestrates an attack between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, or below Canada and above Mexico, terrorism is the “systematic use of terror, especially as a means of coercion”.  In regular people’s terms, terrorism is the use of force to make another country do as you please.  Imperialism and neocolonialism both fall under that umbrella.

—————————————————————>I HAVE AN IDEA!!<————————————————————

Instead of celebrating or mourning what happened 11 years ago to this day, spend your 9/11 studying American foreign policy.  I’m not in any way, shape, or form condoning the “attacks” that took place on that dreadful day, I’m simply saying that what goes around often times comes around.  American cannot keep throwing the boomerang of terrorism into the world then get upset when it comes back to its sender.  As Malcolm X once said “The chickens come home to roost”.  You tell me if he’s right…

God bless all the victims of 9/11 and the subsequent victims of the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, Abu-Garib Prison, the PATRIOT ACT, NDAA, CISPA, TSA, NYPD monitoring, drones, and Guantanamo Bay.

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN!!!! Never are minorities so important than during an election cycle!  Well…maybe during the NBA or NFL draft…or the BET Awards…but for the most part, election time is a minority’s finest hour!  The same people who are harshly discriminated against, deported, stopped and frisked, debated on the house and senate floor like animals, or asked to show papers are now the crown jewels of the political parties.  Like in the Hunger Games, these people are pricked and polished, shaven and dressed elegantly.  Their hair, freshly conked and gelled back.  Their teeth, bleached. Their blemishes, smoothed over.  Being “votes” and “segments” instead of people, both parties are quick to use and exploit them. It isn’t a big surprise that the Republican National Convention as well as the Democratic National Convention have boasted Black, Latino, and women speakers.  What is a big surprise is how these minorities have sudden amnesia when November starts steadily approaching.

Black people, who will you vote for?!  Aside from Herman Cain, Condi, and Nicki Minaj (supposedly), the Republicans will most likely receive less than 0% of the Black vote.  It’s understandable though.  Santorum did say he doesn’t want to give Black people someone else’s money…even though in the state he was speaking in, Whites comprised the majority of government handout recipients.  Gingrich did label Obama the “Food Stamp President” and demanded the NAACP let him speak to them to preach his message of demanding “jobs and not checks”.  The Republicans were also less sympathetic during the whole Trayvon Martin episode.  Wait, you do remember that right? The young Black teen with the hoodie? No, this happened before Dwight Howard was traded to the Lakers.  No, this happened before “Bands Will Make Her Dance” was released.   You don’t remember? Well anyway, yes the Republicans were less sympathetic.  I guess we will see what the Democrats are offering for Black Americans.  The Democrats still heavily support the war on drugs, the single biggest asset to the disenfranchisement of African Americans post slavery.  The Democrats don’t support any new gun legislation, turning their back on Black on Black crime as usual.  Obama did sign some African American school scholarship initiative or something…after almost a full term in office.  Political move?  I guess that’s what he was working on when he skipped the NAACP convention.  Oh he released that BEFORE the convention? Oh.  Do the Democrats truly offer any hope to the black voter besides promises for more entitlements with fewer requirements?  Ask them for yourself.

Latinos, who will you vote for?!  The Republicans and their minutemen church buddies want to hunt you down like wild game and put your head on the wall.  Republicans make it very clear every chance they get that you have no rights since your very being in America is against the law.  Read up on the Dred Scott case, your very being is described perfectly in its verdict.  I know Mitt Romney had no problem employing you to clean his garden or pick up after his wife in the past but that’s another story.  Romney is a serious candidate now and is trying to end his etch-a-sketch routine.  I understand the Republicans had a Latino deliver the keynote address, but Rubio is as Latino as Taco Bell.  I guess the Republicans aren’t really offering you guys any hope so lets go to the friendly neighborhood Democrats.  Wow! The Democrats have a Latino speaking too! His last name is even Castro! Lets flock to them!  That might not be so smart since the leader of their party, President Obama, has deported the most immigrants in history.  I’m not talking Canadian immigrants or Haitian immigrants, but Latino immigrants, from Mexico to Honduras.  The sad truth is that on paper, the Democrats claim to be for the immigrants, but deep down they all support the Arizona Sheriff style treatment.  The Dream Act was signed, but when is the Dream going to be acted upon?  Last time I checked, police officers, sheriffs, and ICE don’t say “Sir, license, birth certificate, and college transcripts”.  Don’t believe me?  Demand the 2 parties to prove you other wise.

Women, both parties are playing political football with your vagina.  While the economy is tanking and wars are brewing, senators and congressmen on both sides are debating your right to birth control.  Let me repeat that.  While the economy is tanking and wars are brewing, senators and congressmen on both sides are debating your right to birth control.  Do you think Todd Akin was the only man, Democrat or Republican, who believes in legitimate rape?  Sure Obama signed that Lilly Bill, but what’s the point if there are no jobs for you to get?  Women don’t sit around debating men’s right to Trojan condoms, why do men sit around debating women’s access to YAZ, to the Depo. shot?  It’s insane.  These politicians justify your 2nd class citizenry with a 2,000 year old book of fairy tales.  It’s fine to control women’s life because woman came from a man’s rib.  It’s fine to downgrade women because Proverbs say they are supposed to stay at home.  Women, don’t stand for this.  Voting for the lesser of two evils is not the right term for women.  Voting for the man who will rape you less violently is more suitable.