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Africans, Americans, Europeans, Rebels, Soldiers, Intellects, Revolutionaries, Rastas, Teachers, Professors, Vegans, Philosophers, Questioners, Occupiers, Victims, Orphans, 99%’ers, & all others, Contact me..I would love to discuss issues.


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  1. John Comeaux says:

    Great blogs and ideas. nice to see some people still see the big picture in this day and age. Both you and the people commenting and replying are refreshing to see. Best of luck in all of your travels and endeavors… I’ll add you on Twitter to continue following you.

    • Thank you sir! They say “history is written by the winner”..I say “history is written by the people”..If we don’t agree with the mainstream dialog, we must create our own. I appreciate your open mind and look forward to getting to know you!

  2. Ive been creeping around on site for a little bit, and I enjoy the discussion and occasional forays into mental masturbation. What are your thoughts on doing guest posts (or post exchanges) over at United Black America? If you are interested in the specifics, email me at, or Facebook me (

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