“How long shall they kill our prophets, while we stand aside and look?”

Redemption Song

-Bob Marley

“Jordan Davis who? Bruh, Pass the Blunt.”

Jordan Davis, a seventeen-year-old Black teenager, was shot and killed in Jacksonville, Florida on November 23, 2012. Michael Dunn, a forty-five-year-old white male was the shooter.  The reason? Dunn felt threatened because the teen was playing loud music.   Dunn also added he saw a weapon in the car, likely gearing up for a “Stand your Ground” defense.  There was no weapon found in the vehicle occupied by Davis.


Jordan Davis


Michael Dunn

Friday evening around 7:40pm, Dunn and his girlfriend pulled up to a convenience store.  While his girlfriend was in the store, Dunn pulled up beside the vehicle Jordan Davis and his friends were occupying.  Davis was in the backseat.  Dunn demanded they turn down the loud music.  After a brief exchange of words, Dunn opened fire on the vehicle, getting off eight to nine shots before fleeing the scene.  Davis was stuck by a number of bullets and perished.  Dunn was arrested the next day, supposedly on his way to turn himself in.  This is a tragic event and my heart goes out to the victim’s family.

This story has been getting a lot of comparisons to the Trayvon Martin incident.  I can see some similarities, including race and motives.  There is however a huge difference in the two murders: media coverage.  Thanks to social media, when the Trayvon Martin incident finally came to light, it was all the people were talking about.  Politicians were breaking house decorum in solidarity with the movement, “Stand your Ground” laws were being debated in the house, and racial profiling became a household word.  Hooded sweatshirts went from a fashion accessory to a political statement. All the major news networks and publications were covering the story.

Now, is it just me or does it seem like the media is taking a break?  “Why?! I thought CNN was a friend to the Black community!?  MSNBC loves Obama!  They have black anchors!”  It’s December.  The presidential race is over.  Davis was killed in late November..after the election.  The Trayvon Martin incident occurred in February, a time when the presidential campaign was in full swing.  Let’s be honest; the Trayvon Martin incident was perfect for Obama’s campaign.  Obama and the liberal media machine politicized Trayvon’s death.  Trayvon’s case went from a legal matter to one of race, gun laws, and racial profiling.  Perfect DNC talking points! CNN and other liberal media establishments jumped at the chance to help garner more Black voters for the Democratic Party.

But the campaign is over with now.  The confetti has been swept up.  The balloons have all popped.  Black people, you are now on your own.  Its time to take a serious look at the TRUE elephant in the room and stop being occupied by the fly..Black on Black crime is that elephant.

Take for instance Chicago.  On Sunday, December 2nd, Chicago saw its 485th murder of the year.  There have been 485 funerals…485 mothers, brothers, sisters, and fathers never returning home to their families.  Why isn’t this getting any media attention?  Why isn’t Obama saying after every shooting, “if I had a son/daughter, he/she would look like ________”?  This is Obama’s take on gun control during the debates right before the election: “You know, we’re a nation that believes in the Second Amendment…and I believe in the Second Amendment. You know, we’ve got a long tradition of hunting“.  So much for “we are all Trayvon” huh?

Three months ago, four men were killed in Benghazi…and it’s STILL being talked about today.  Imagine if every one of those 485 murder victims got the same media coverage as the four men murdered in Benghazi.  Imagine if Americans stood up for those 485 Murder victims as they did for Trayvon Martin.  Imagine if Americans stood up for Jordan Davis as they did for Trayvon Martin.  Imagine.  Sadly, most of our brothers and sisters are more concerned with Jordan tennis shoes than they are Jordan Davis.

Until then, you will hear from people exactly what the title of this piece is called:

“Jordan Davis who?  Bruh, pass the blunt.”

  1. Trayvon Martin’s tragic death became a popular scandal, in my view, because of the fact that Zimmerman went so long without being arrested, and there were so many testimonies and videos suggesting that should have not been the case.

    Further, media tends to ignore intra-racial, or POC on POC violent crime. We expect it to happen. We’ve become numb to it.
    I’d be far more moved if Obama, or Rahm Emmanuel or Patt Quinn all made a concerted effort to address violence and its causes.

    But until there is a shift which suggests that we should value black life, I doubt that will occur.
    So let’s do it for ourselves.

    • You make a lot of sense! Media fuels the public debate & policy arises from that! It’s up to us to continue to point out the discrepancies in reporting crime..because if we continue to blindly listen to the media, African Americans will think we are in a race war..& in all actuality, we are in a self inflicted genocide..
      thanks for reading!

  2. Schlüter says:

    Impressive article! Racism still running high in the US. The ruling class (WASPs) is still very successful in divide and rule! White nobodies living the illusion that by their racist atrocities they would participate in power! KKK mentality´s still alive, and the black community has to fight at several fronts!
    Andreas Schlüter
    Berlin, Germany

    • I couldn’t of said it any better! WASP tendencies of pillage & plunder have been transferred to the poor communities of color..it’s up to the community to unite & end self hatred..as revolutionary rapper & poet Tupac Shakur said, “it’s not them that’s killing us, it’s us that’s killing us”..we can’t defeat White racism until we end self racism..

  3. Rahni Porter says:

    These Stand Your Ground murderers are out of control. Your article definitely pinpoints ignorance and a lack of desire for knowledge in our communities. Your title is spot on by calling out those who’d rather sign up for a medical marijuana card vs being aware of the political agendas imposed on us by this country. Great article.

    • Thanks for reading!! It’s insane how people’s priorities are so disorganized..i understand legalizing marijuana because it will put an end to mass incarceration of Black men, but there won’t be any Black men left if we continue to ignore the “elephant in the room”..

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