Terrorist…The World’s Most Misused Word

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

“Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”

George W. Bush

Terrorist…The World’s Most Misused Word

In the 20th and 21st century, the word “terrorist” is quoted more times than “Alexis De Tocqueville” in a freshmen Political Science paper.  In America especially, terror, terrorism, and terrorist are heard more times than “would you like fries with that”?  It’s ironic that a country founded, fought for, and started by terrorists is so adamantly against terrorism.  In 1775, George Washington didn’t politely ask the King of England for freedom, he rounded up, armed, and trained a rebel army and fought for it.  American history doesn’t teach that though.  American History calls Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, and Washington the “founding fathers”, not “founding insurrectionists”.  The “terrorist cells” are labeled “Yankee factions”.  France is labeled an “ally to freedom” not a “supporter of terrorism”.  Truly, America isn’t against terrorism, it’s against people that stand in the way of its interests. During the 1700s, Africans were labeled terrorists.  Africans wanted to “rape White women” and “pillage the Earth”.  Any educated person knows Africans just wanted to be free from bondage.  Americans needed them for cheap labor though.  During the 1800s, Native Americans were labeled terrorists.  They were “savages”, “head scalpers”, and “heathens”.  Any educated person knows Native Americans just wanted their land back that was stolen from them.  Americans needed land to grow crops and expand its borders though.  During the 1900s, Communists were labeled terrorists.  They were trying to “infiltrate America” and “Nuke the US to the ground”.  Any educated person knows the Communists just wanted to industrialize their countries through a different political means.  Americans needed more open markets to enrich its country though.  People labeled terrorists are simply innocent roadblocks hindering an oppressor’s oppression.  Jesus was a terrorist to the Jews, Dr. Martin Luther King was a terrorist to racists, and Nelson Mandela was a terrorist to the apartheid regime.   People say never get relationship advice from a single friend…I say never get terrorist advice from a people who singlehandedly wiped out an entire race and dropped 2 atomic bombs on densely populated areas.

  1. What do you think of Lupe Fiasco calling the President a terrorist then? Do you support that?

    • I don’t agree with the president’s use of drones..
      I don’t agree with the president’s use of absolute defense of Israel..
      I don’t agree with the president’s use of laws that totally shred the United States Constitution..NDAA, CISPA, etc..
      I don’t agree with the president’s use of GITMO as a place of limbo for innocent people who just happen to be Muslim..
      I don’t agree with the president’s occupation of Libya & the resulting cover up..
      Now..to answer your question, I don’t feel he represents my interests & if he were the president of Iran & did the same things, Americans would be ready to being him to justice..
      So yes..I feel Lupe is correct in his judgment..

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