Final Cut: Is It Wrong To Have Rage Towards Your Rapist?

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Contrary to popular belief, hatred and anger are not popular beliefs among Muslim people.  I’ve traveled to many places and interacted with many Muslims in my life.  I’ve conversed with Iranian Muslims at an Occupy event in Philadelphia, Pakistani Muslims working for the United Nations in Monrovia, Liberian Muslims tapping rubber trees in the countryside, and Indian Muslims working in London.  None have tried to blow me up.  None have called me an infidel.  As with everything, the media trumps up certain events while downplaying the other, all according to what corporate interests are at stake.  For example, on August 5th, 2012, there was a terrorist attack at a Sikh Temple in the state of Wisconsin that left 6 people dead.  The terrorist was Wade Michael Page, a right wing religious fanatic who spoke about an “oncoming holy war”.  The gun issue involved with the massacre was trumped up while the religious and terrorism issue was downplayed.  Why?  According to the mainstream media, the good guys are White Christian males while the bad guys are Brown Muslim, or in this case, Sikh males.  Reporting heavily on this event would have caused people to call into question media propaganda.  Similar to that event is the current media frenzy over the “Muslim rage”.  This editorial will focus on how the “Muslim rage” is trumped up in the media while the triggers of that rage are downplayed.


Is It Wrong To Have Rage Towards Your Rapist?


American media has been in a rage over the Muslim’s apparent…well…rage.  Americans are so intrigued on what is causing the uproar.  Is the rage over a made for YouTube film? Is the rage over 9/11?  Is the rage over the New Orleans Saints starting the season at 1-4? Nobody seems to know.  NOT SO FAST! Fox News knows! All this rage has not been caused at all, It’s always been there.  Yep.  Islam was simply founded to hate infidels.  I guess Fox forgot that America wasn’t made when the Prophet Mohammad was born in 570, so the term infidel isn’t necessarily a synonym for Americans.  WELL HOLD ON! BREAKING NEWS! CNN knows the cause of the rage. It’s because of a movie.  The screaming, flag burning, murdering, & rock throwing is all caused by a movie.  Yep…a movie.  Who would have thought that war destroyed bombed out countries that hardly have running sewer systems have MacBooks and available Wi-Fi to watch YouTube……….who would have thought.  I would argue that the cause of the rage is simple and could be summed up in 3 words:


American foreign policy

American foreign policy in the Middle East is not one of peace, but one of plunder.  It’s not one of democracy, but one of droning.  Its not one of goodwill, but one of Guantanamo Bay.  The average American couldn’t point out Illinois or Indiana on a map none the less Iraq or Afghanistan, which is scary seeing most Americans have no qualms with voting for representatives that would send more Americans there. There is a reason for why Swedish people aren’t protesting.   There is a reason why German people aren’t protesting.  America isn’t droning down their citizens in an undeclared war.  America’s CIA isn’t infiltrating their people to cause uprisings to secure oil routes for American businesses.  These people aren’t continually under America’s size 9,600 Boot.  Why the size 9,600?  That’s the “official” amount of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) America possesses.  Well, as of 2010 anyway.  Take Yemen for example.  Reports come out weekly on drone attacks gone wrong.  Recently, Marines have been deployed there to “protect the embassy”.  Daily, innocent men, women, and children are being murdered in a borderless, endless, and limitless war against an idea, an idea that simply gets stronger every time an M-16 shell hits the ground.  An idea of self-determination.  An idea that believes the citizens of Yemen can determine their own course in history and if that idea is fueled with their belief in Allah, then so be it.  Isn’t everyone entitled to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”?  Look at Pakistan.  Pakistan has been the playground for President Bush and President Obama for almost a decade.  Invading their country and assassinating former CIA agent Osama Bin Laden, increasing the droning campaign from 52 hits under President Bush to 292 hits and counting under President Obama, and undermining the integrity and sovereignty of the Pakistani government is not a policy of collaboration, but one of imperialism and control. All over the Middle East America carries out droning campaigns.  All over the Middle East America carries out mass incarcerations.  All over the Middle East America carries out “enhanced interrogations”, or torture as it was called before President Bush shredded the Geneva Conventions.  Fast forward to September 11th, 2012.  Spontaneous protests break out in Cairo, Benghazi, Sudan, Pakistan, and Indonesia.  Some protests become violent, with one ending in 4 murders.  “Muslim Rage” is the diagnosis of the protests and murders.  Diagnosing the problem is all the media and politicians have done, offering no logical solutions.  Unless you consider the Republicans remedy of cutting off aid to these countries or the Democrats remedy of probing more into the film.  I don’t.  Americans always boast Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s approach to rights.  Turn the other cheek towards violence, hatred, and abuse.  When it comes to foreign policy, America abandons ship, preferring the “water hoses and dogs” Bull Conner approach, that of Marines, cluster bombs, and F-15 fighter jets.  It’s very Ironic.  Living in Georgia, Douglasville by way of Hawkinsville to be exact, there’s no mistaking the fact that we are in the Bible Belt.  One can’t drive 2 miles without seeing 5 churches.  I’m being sarcastic but you see my point.  One of the greatest quotes in Christianity that defines the religion can be found in Matthew 7:12 and also Luke 6:13.  “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”   I guess then we as good Christians wouldn’t mind the Yemeni government building a military base where the outsourced Lithonia Lightening once stood in Cochran, Georgia.  I guess we as good Christians wouldn’t mind the Kuwaiti government building a military base where the outsourced Leshner Mills/Pillowtex once stood in Hawkinsville.  After all, do onto others as you would have them do onto you right?


What to do

The way to counter Muslim rage is to leave their countries and let them live their lives.  I seriously, seriously, seriously doubt Al-Qaeda will invade our country.  Muslims have every right to feel rage.  What kind of human beings wouldn’t feel rage if their very existence was called into question every day?  I remember watching a documentary on a freed Guantanamo Bay detainee.  The man spent 6 years in solitary confinement and was tortured daily for simply resembling an insurgent.  When asked to explain how he felt about America, he said the following:  “I used to love America.  America stood for freedom and liberty.  America does not live up to that.  America creates terrorists.  American policies make Mujahidin (freedom fighters) daily”.  That man was right.  Every day America throws gasoline on the fire.  Everyday the fire rises.  Its time for America to get out before the fire consumes us. My father, a 20 year Air force veteran, would always say, “Son, before judging a man, walk a day in his shoes”.  Since most of my American readers would not want to leave the peace and security of a Starbucks Coffee patio, I challenge you to IMAGINE walking a day in the shoes of someone.  Imagine that shoe belonging to a Libyan, a Somali, a Lebanese, or a Pakistani.  Imagine waking up not knowing if an Air Force drone will machine-gun you down.  Imagine not knowing if a Navy SEAL will snipe you, detain you, disappear you.  Imagine not knowing if a suicide bomber will blow himself up in protest against the Western occupation.  Imagine.  Hear the screams of children running when a shiny silver object drops through the sky.  Hear the cries of women holding the body parts of their husbands.  Smell the blood on the ground.  Smell the smoke from the bomb.   Imagine all this being done by Western imperialists.  Imagine.  Now come back to reality.  We should all feel lucky that flags and a few office spaces are the only things being burned.

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