IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN!!!! Never are minorities so important than during an election cycle!  Well…maybe during the NBA or NFL draft…or the BET Awards…but for the most part, election time is a minority’s finest hour!  The same people who are harshly discriminated against, deported, stopped and frisked, debated on the house and senate floor like animals, or asked to show papers are now the crown jewels of the political parties.  Like in the Hunger Games, these people are pricked and polished, shaven and dressed elegantly.  Their hair, freshly conked and gelled back.  Their teeth, bleached. Their blemishes, smoothed over.  Being “votes” and “segments” instead of people, both parties are quick to use and exploit them. It isn’t a big surprise that the Republican National Convention as well as the Democratic National Convention have boasted Black, Latino, and women speakers.  What is a big surprise is how these minorities have sudden amnesia when November starts steadily approaching.

Black people, who will you vote for?!  Aside from Herman Cain, Condi, and Nicki Minaj (supposedly), the Republicans will most likely receive less than 0% of the Black vote.  It’s understandable though.  Santorum did say he doesn’t want to give Black people someone else’s money…even though in the state he was speaking in, Whites comprised the majority of government handout recipients.  Gingrich did label Obama the “Food Stamp President” and demanded the NAACP let him speak to them to preach his message of demanding “jobs and not checks”.  The Republicans were also less sympathetic during the whole Trayvon Martin episode.  Wait, you do remember that right? The young Black teen with the hoodie? No, this happened before Dwight Howard was traded to the Lakers.  No, this happened before “Bands Will Make Her Dance” was released.   You don’t remember? Well anyway, yes the Republicans were less sympathetic.  I guess we will see what the Democrats are offering for Black Americans.  The Democrats still heavily support the war on drugs, the single biggest asset to the disenfranchisement of African Americans post slavery.  The Democrats don’t support any new gun legislation, turning their back on Black on Black crime as usual.  Obama did sign some African American school scholarship initiative or something…after almost a full term in office.  Political move?  I guess that’s what he was working on when he skipped the NAACP convention.  Oh he released that BEFORE the convention? Oh.  Do the Democrats truly offer any hope to the black voter besides promises for more entitlements with fewer requirements?  Ask them for yourself.

Latinos, who will you vote for?!  The Republicans and their minutemen church buddies want to hunt you down like wild game and put your head on the wall.  Republicans make it very clear every chance they get that you have no rights since your very being in America is against the law.  Read up on the Dred Scott case, your very being is described perfectly in its verdict.  I know Mitt Romney had no problem employing you to clean his garden or pick up after his wife in the past but that’s another story.  Romney is a serious candidate now and is trying to end his etch-a-sketch routine.  I understand the Republicans had a Latino deliver the keynote address, but Rubio is as Latino as Taco Bell.  I guess the Republicans aren’t really offering you guys any hope so lets go to the friendly neighborhood Democrats.  Wow! The Democrats have a Latino speaking too! His last name is even Castro! Lets flock to them!  That might not be so smart since the leader of their party, President Obama, has deported the most immigrants in history.  I’m not talking Canadian immigrants or Haitian immigrants, but Latino immigrants, from Mexico to Honduras.  The sad truth is that on paper, the Democrats claim to be for the immigrants, but deep down they all support the Arizona Sheriff style treatment.  The Dream Act was signed, but when is the Dream going to be acted upon?  Last time I checked, police officers, sheriffs, and ICE don’t say “Sir, license, birth certificate, and college transcripts”.  Don’t believe me?  Demand the 2 parties to prove you other wise.

Women, both parties are playing political football with your vagina.  While the economy is tanking and wars are brewing, senators and congressmen on both sides are debating your right to birth control.  Let me repeat that.  While the economy is tanking and wars are brewing, senators and congressmen on both sides are debating your right to birth control.  Do you think Todd Akin was the only man, Democrat or Republican, who believes in legitimate rape?  Sure Obama signed that Lilly Bill, but what’s the point if there are no jobs for you to get?  Women don’t sit around debating men’s right to Trojan condoms, why do men sit around debating women’s access to YAZ, to the Depo. shot?  It’s insane.  These politicians justify your 2nd class citizenry with a 2,000 year old book of fairy tales.  It’s fine to control women’s life because woman came from a man’s rib.  It’s fine to downgrade women because Proverbs say they are supposed to stay at home.  Women, don’t stand for this.  Voting for the lesser of two evils is not the right term for women.  Voting for the man who will rape you less violently is more suitable.


Let me know what you think.

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