Left & Right Heads in the Same Direction

Posted: September 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

November is steadily approaching and lines are being drawn in the sand.  If you are poor, Black, gay, anti religious, or an immigrant, go to the line on the left.  If you are a business owner, White, heavily religious, gun owner, or love Israel, go to the line on the right.  Line is the correct term to use.  These lines both lead to the same place…increased wealth to decreased hands, increased population surveillance, increased police violence, increased suppression of civil rights.  All increases are negative.  It makes no difference if the president is Black or White or on the line to the left or right, it’s more of the same.  America has been in a constant war since it’s founding.  America fought Natives, then Britain, then France, then its own, then the world, then the world again, then Korea, then Vietnam, then Iraq, then Afghanistan, then Iraq again.  Between these wars, there are numerous proxy wars.  I’m not speaking about Guatemala or Somalia, but the wars on Blacks, the wars on civil rights, the wars on political dissidents, the wars on drugs, and the wars on immigrants.  We are headed to another war, the war on consciousness.  This country is not headed towards progression, only regression.  There are no laws being passed to protect civil rights, but only to scratch them.  Voter repression laws are being resurrected, women are back fighting for the right to own their own body, Americans of Hispanic descent are fighting to not be deported despite American Citizenship.  Instead of joining the line on the left or the line on the right, how about join the masses that see the two roads are leading to a city named destruction.  Join the masses and come together to redirect this government that was made by the people, for the people.  Your life belongs to you, not the government.  Start by educating yourselves.  After that, join together.  After that, Mobilize.  After that, be strong.  After that, stay strong.  After that, enjoy the fruits of your labor, change has been achieved.  After that, repeat.  Seize the time, no one is promised tomorrow..


Let me know what you think.

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