Obama 2008 or Bush 2012

Posted: July 11, 2012 in Uncategorized
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In 2008, the Democrats labeled John McCain a warmonger, Bush Jr., and Bush 2008.  This year in 2012, the Democrats have labeled Romney as more of the same.  The Democrats in 2008 as well as 2012 have labeled Obama as “hope and change”, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Dream come to fruition, a fresh new face in the stale old world of electoral politics.  It’s interesting to watch the Nobel Peace Prize recipient President Barack Obama on the world stage.  On one hand, Obama is extremely Liberal.  The President openly supports gay marriage, “advocates” the need for a more progressive tax system, and introduced, signed, and passed America’s first universal healthcare mandate.  Yet on the other hand, Obama is, in a Republican sense, extremely Conservative.  The president, adding to what President Bush started, is continuing a worldwide “war on terror”, where some believe he is perpetrating human rights abuses with drones and personal kill lists.   Even more shocking is the president’s signing in of draconian type bills whose main goals are to “protect” freedom, essentially sacrificing citizen’s liberties for an illusion of security.

Obama’s actions in the Middle East are classic, Neo-Conservative style ventures.  Obama promised to end the war in Iraq, which he essentially did.  What the media did not tell the public is that as the Soldiers and Marines moved out, security firms, government contractors, hand picked businesses, and CIA agents moved in.  Obama promised a route out of Afghanistan, a route that now seems almost like Vietnam’s exit now.  “Better times are ahead” is essentially Obama’s policy in Afghanistan, “better times are ahead”.  With troop morale plummeting, war crimes becoming all but unreported, and ever-growing civilian causalities, Obama seems more like an imperialist Conservative in the Middle East than a peace seeking Liberal.  Instead of using his Muslim name and features to relate to Islamic countries, Obama has further alienated America from a peaceful congeniality with the Muslim world by continual threats to Iran, opposing a Palestinian state, unequivocally supporting Israel, and murdering Yemeni, Somalian, and Pakistani nationals in an undeclared war on and around the border.  To the last point of Pakistan, Obama is finding himself in a huge conundrum; human rights abuses with his use of drones.

Drone use is a huge part of Obama’s War on Terror.  Drones are essentially small unmanned surveillance planes armed with machine guns and hellfire missiles.  Killing people at will, drones are controlled by government contractors sitting in an air conditioned room behind a computer screen.  Drone use has stepped up heavily since Obama has taken office.   Like the use of Napalm in Vietnam, drone use is highly controversial.  Reports of wrongful deaths and child causalities, some even younger than 13, have been reported and leaked to the media.  It has also been reported to the media that the president has a personal kill list.  I’ll repeat that.  The president of the United States of America oversees a list of people who he will eventually kill, including American citizens.  Executive overreach anyone?  Don’t beleive me, look it up.   Like Vietnam, troops are all over the place.  Laos and Cambodia are now Pakistan and Yemen.  As they say, “If you’ll do it in your neighbor’s backyard, you’ll do it in your own”.  Obama’s war has been brought to America.

Being a constitutional lawyer has not stopped Obama from signing legislature that totally contradicts his very forte.  Not repealing any of Bush’s legislature, measures such as Guantanamo Bay and CIA “enhanced interrogation”, torture in other words, still exists.  A man who spent 3 years at the most prestigious law school in the world, Harvard law school,  studying the Geneva Convention and Habeas Corpus, yet denying those rights  to others is insane.  That’s like a studied and established doctor nonchalantly breaking his Hippocratic oath.  NDAA, or National Defense Authorization Act is another law Obama has signed in.  Like COINTELPRO and the PATRIOTACT, NDAA further expands and legalizes wiretapping civilian’s phone, email and internet use…and at the president’s discretion, indefinite detention for “suspected terrorists”.  That means if the president thinks you are a terrorist, off you go to Guantanamo Bay.  For how long?  Obama decides.  CISPA is also another bill Obama is pushing designed to oversee the civilian population by use of Internet control.  Orwell would be proud.  The thought police have finally came out from hiding.  Big Brother is here.

In the end, do the voters have a TRUE Liberal choice in 2012?  President Obama is no George McGovern.  Who can occupiers, constitutionalists, hippies, pot smokers, Palestine supporters, death penalty activists, and peace seekers support?  Both Obama and Romney support Israel, both support an ever growing presence in the Middle East, both support a war with Iran and North Korea, both support Orwellian style surveillance laws, both claim they speak for the middle class yet have records to prove otherwise.  So what if Obama and Romney disagree on tax reform and women’s reproductive rights, actions speak louder than words, and in 2012 your actions will speak louder than words.   Vote for the lesser of 2 evils or incite grassroots change from the ground up?  The choice is yours. .

  1. You have perfect points and direct information. Now only if enough people would boycott voting in the U.S for Uncle Sam to care…….

  2. I think the 2016 election will be very different from 2012. I think by then we’ll see drastic changes especially if the gap between rich and poor steadily increases. hopefully, people wake up by then.

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