How can a bully be concerned over bullying?

Posted: May 26, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Two years ago it was “Save Darfur”, 6 months ago it was “Kony2012”, a month ago it was “Trayvon Martin”, and now the current fad of the month is “bullying”.  It’s ironic that “the world’s largest purveyor of violence”, as described by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., is so concerned about the bullying epidemic.  Left wing pundits, right wing pundits, concerned mothers, helpless fathers, teachers, administrators, policemen, the list goes on and on,  all speaking out against bullying. The way the majority describes bullying is interesting to say the least. “Big, powerful people taking advantage of smaller, weaker people. People using their strength to impose their will on others. Mistreatment of others because of differences. The mental and verbal harassment of someone”. In the era of old school parenting, to get rid of bullies, us youth were advised to tell the teacher. If that didn’t work, tell the administration. If that didn’t work, just fight it out. Once the bully saw you were not afraid, the bully would respect you and move on to the next one.


The most powerful country in the world invades Afghanistan, a country with no running water, because 10 or so Saudi Arabians. The most powerful country in the world invades Iraq, a country posing no more of a threat to America than Iceland, because the president supposedly had weapons of mass destruction, something still not proven almost a decade later. The most powerful country in the world invades Guatemala, yes Guatemala, because their president decided to nationalize its own land. Politicians would call these acts “protecting and securing interests abroad”, but using the scale listed earlier, these acts would be labeled “bullying”. If one remembers, the first protocol of ridding a bully is telling the teacher. If a country was being bullied, the people would alert its teacher, their president. Presidents, democratically elected ones for sure, usually have some form of intelligence. An intelligent, rational president facing bullying from another country would alert higher ups, those being the military officials, politicians, and cabinet leaders. After issuing orders, speeches, and official visits, the bullying sometimes fails to cease. The next phase in ridding a bully is to alert the administration. Administration to a country would include things such as pacts, treaties, organizations, and memberships. A country would go to  the United Nation, OPEC, or NATO, and issue a grievance or complaint against the other country’s blatant aggression. 9 times out of 10 though, the bully country is dictating what these organizations can do. By this time then, all other resorts have failed. The president alerting his higher ups failed. The president alerting his membership has failed. Logically, there is only 1 option left. To Fight.


Bullying creates two types of reactions in people. They either come out fighting or cower down and obey. The people labeled terrorists ascribe to the former train of thought. Insurgents aren’t insurgents, they are people defending their homes. Terrorists aren’t terrorists, they are people defending their family from rape and murder. Rural Americans are labeled patriotic because they say ” don’t mess with my God, family, and guns”.  Rural Afghans are labeled terrorists because they say “don’t mess with my God, family, and guns”. You see the double standard?


In wars against a large, bullying oppressor, the people who fight back are no longer labeled “victims of bullying”, they are now labeled  bullies. Imagine that. A nerdy kid in high school constantly the target of bullies finally fights back. Is he no longer the victim? Just because the nerd is fighting back oppression, doesn’t he still suffer from the oppressor?
The victim of bullying is now labeled the bully. The victim of terror is now labeled the terrorist.
The ANC, or African National Congress, was labeled terrorists in South Africa because they refused to be subjected to apartheid. The Palestinians who fight against Israel because Israelis are illegally constructing homes and bulldozing theirs on Palestinian territory are labeled terrorists. The Americans who decided to fight because they were being taxed without representation were labeled terrorists by the English. You now call them your “founding fathers”. Some of the greatest people in history have been labeled a terrorist. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Howard Zinn, George Washington, and even Jesus.


In order to look serious on the epidemic of bullying, America must cease its acts of bullying. The White House can’t speak out against bullying while perpetrating a war on people’s religious beliefs. The White House can’t create legislature to cease bullying while also creating legislature to remain in Afghanistan for 14 more years. America’s foreign policy can’t be “bow down or get shot down”.


In referring to the death of John F Kennedy, Malcolm X said “sometimes the chickens come home to roost”, meaning that if you perpetrate violence, sometimes that violence comes back to you. I’m not justifying any civilians being murdered, cities being destroyed, lives being lost . . . but every man knows that what goes around, comes around. If America is serious about ending bullying, it should first change it’s foreign policy.  One cant go around perpetrating terror, or in other words, international bullying, then look like a deer in head lights when the terror comes back home.  In other words, practice what you preach.

  1. lilpiggy89 says:

    Awesome piece man, great work.

  2. virgobeauty says:

    Outstanding writing. Well.stated!! Ive thought this before and just couldn’t make sense of the contradiction that we call America.
    love your breakdown of the issue.
    thank you

    • It’s amazing huh? People always say “WE ARE IN A BULLYING EPIDEMIC!!!!!” I say we are? I thought it started when Christoper Columbus touched the American shores? So the Native American genocide was an act of kindness? Bullying goes deeper than wedgies in primary school, bullying goes to foreign policy..domestic policy..bullying is imperialism and colonialism.

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