Will the REAL TERROISTS please stand up?

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Will The REAL Terrorists Please Stand Up

I don’t trust any of the propaganda I see, read, and hear.  Corporations control it all anyway.  CNN, FOX, MSNBC, ABC, CSPAN.  All of them.  I don’t even trust in education.  They send you to a STATE CONTROLLED, or private if you can afford it, 12-step brainwash camp.  You pass and get promoted based on how well you accept the propaganda they impart upon you.  I always questioned the content of my lessons.  Just a habit I guess.  War and the fight against oppressive regimes were always my favorite.  Mao’s revolution in China, Ho Chi Mein kicking out the French in Vietnam, the ANC fighting against apartheid in South Africa, Castro & Che mounting a guerilla war in Cuba, the Black Panther Party yelling “FREE HUEY” in front of an Oakland courtroom, i could go on and on.  These freedom fighters were fighting for . . .well, freedom.  Some of the tools used to incite fear and obedience by oppressive regimes upon these freedom fighters were, and still are, biological warfare, chemical warfare, police assassinations, government cover-ups, and the enactment of laws that strip away civil liberties.  It’s strange, but if one thinks, the government of the United States of America has used all these measures against its own citizenry.   Yes, I’m speaking about the “deacon of democracy”, the “lighthouse of hope”, the “beacon of brotherly love”.  This isn’t left wing hype, or right wing jargon; this is FACTUAL evidence of the Government of the United States inflicting violence upon its OWN citizens.  This post will focus on biological warfare, with other posts pertaining the other tools of oppression coming at a later date.

Biological Warfare is defined as the use of biological toxins or infectious agents, such as bacteria and viruses, with the intent to kill humans in an act of war. Lets venture to the South during Jim Crow time, you know, the “good old days” Americans fantasize about.  I’m confused about what was “SOO GOOD” in colored bathrooms, public lynchings, and 2nd class citizenship for Blacks? But that’s an argument for another time. The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment is a great example of biological warfare upon American citizens.  The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, condoned and financed by the United States Public Health Service in cahoots with The Tuskegee Institute, was a clinical study of the progression of Syphilis in poor rural Black men located in Macon County, Alabama.  Occurring between the years of 1932 and 1972, 600 men participated in the study, 399 with syphilis and 201 without.  For participation, the men received free medical care, hot meals on check up days, and free burial service if they consented to an autopsy after death.  What the men DID NOT KNOW is that some of them were suffering from Syphilis.   The participants were told they were being treated for “bad blood”, one of those words rural Black people use to describe a plethora of illnesses.  What, you thought the government just recently began to play on people’s ignorance? Amazingly, when a cure for Syphilis was discovered in the mid 1940s, that being Penicillin, not only did the government DELIBERATELY WITHHOLD that information, they also DID NOT ALLOW the men to seek other outside medical attention. Being guinea pigs at the tax payers extent, these men were subject to painful spinal taps, repeated placebo injections, and elongated suffering all in the name of “good science”.  In all actuality, the patients NEVER ACTUALLY RECEIVED ANY CARE for their disease.  After a United Stated Public Health Service investigator sent letters to the press, public outcry led to the Centers of Disease Control and the United States Department of Public Health to end the study.  The final result was out of the original 399 infected men, only 74 survived . . . 28 died of Syphilis, 100 died from complications directly related to Syphilis, 40 spouses contracted the disease, and 19 of the men’s CHILDREN were born with Congenital Syphilis, a disease that causes seizures, jaundice, and brain damage in infants.  Destroy a people’s ability to reproduce, destroy a people.  In its aftermath, the NAACP won a class action lawsuit against the US government, winning 9 million dollars for the survivors and families affected.   IRONICALLY, the government would also provide free medical treatment for the survivors and families affected.  Wonder if they will take it this time. . . . .

Now ask yourself this:  “Should I REALLY fear bearded, illiterate, CIA trained and armed tribesman who want to govern their OWN country . . .or should I fear rich, highly intelligent, corporate controlled lawmakers with MERCENARY goals?  Is the true enemy in an impoverished mud hut in Afghanistan . . .or a large, tax payer funded White house in Washington, DC?  The choice is yours.

God Bless America.


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