Open Letter To George Zimmerman

Posted: April 11, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Dear George Zimmerman,

Good afternoon sir. I hope all is well. I just wanted to let you know that I am a Black male and no, I do not hate you. I feel sorry for you. I honestly don’t believe you woke up that morning thinking to yourself, “I want to shoot me a Black man today”. I honestly don’t believe you are a racist. I honestly don’t believe you are a murderer. What I do believe is that you are human. What I do believe is that you made a bad choice. What I do believe is that you are a cop-out for both African Americans and White Americans, someone to shift the blame to, someone to point a finger at. This is a heavily charged political time in our nation right now. Instead of this being a criminal case, this is a political case. This is the perfect opportunity for the Democrats and Republicans to debate the 2nd Amendment right. They don’t care about you or Trayvon, they don’t care about you or me, they do care about the NRA lobby though. We are in the mist of a race war. When you shot Trayvon Martin, you did it to both the horror of some Americans as well as the delight. You know, you remind me a lot of Barak Obama. The perfect cop out. Liberal Whites voted for him simply to say “HEY!! LOOK BLACK PEOPLE!! IM NOT RACIST!! I VOTED FOR OBAMA!!!” Just like now the Liberal Whites are demonizing you yelling “HEY!!! BLACK PEOPLE!! JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON!! IM NOT RACIST!!! Those same people roll up their windows and lock their doors while riding through Black neighborhoods. Those same people send their kids to all White private schools. Well, 98% white. I forgot about the star athlete and the 3rd shift janitor. African Americans are NO better. Yelling “NO JUSTICE!! NO PEACE!! NO JUSTICE!! NO PEACE!! Ten minutes later, those same African Americas are tweeting “FREE C-MURDER!!” and “FREE LIL BOOSIE!!”. Those same African Americans are watching “Gangland” and listening to hip-hop artists who glorify the very act they accuse you of. Interesting, they seem to have amnesia about all the “other” murders that occur in the Black community daily, you know, the ones when Black males kill other Black males? It wasn’t too long ago, both Black and White Americans begged, prayed, organized, and protested against the death of Troy Davis. I AM TROY DAVIS. Troy Davis, a CONVICTED murderer. * That means in the eyes of the state, HE IS CONVICTED OF KILLING AN INNOCENT HUMAN BEING. You have not even been tried for this crime and they are screaming to kill you. Double standards maybe? I, a young Black male, know we are targeted, stereotyped, and misjudged. Its wrong, totally wrong, but if you have a large segment of the population killing and robbing people, selling drugs, fathering children out of wedlock, dropping out of schools, and joining gangs, we aren’t exactly dispelling any stereotypes, we are actually welcoming and strengthening them. I apologize to you. If my people didn’t glorify these stereotypes, when you saw Trayvon Martin that night, maybe you would have thought he was leaving the library, or coming back from a church event, not trying to rob a house, break a law.

In closing, I would just life to wish you the best. You’re Hispanic and I’m black, we are both minorities and pawns in the man’s society. The only time Hispanics and African Americans are important is during professional sport games and election time. I stand in solidarity with you because we both have the same enemy. What you did was wrong. Racial profiling is wrong, but for me to stand here and say I don’t racially profile is more wrong. Justice for Trayvon, but also Justice for you sir.

*I do believe in Troy Davis’ innocence, I was just making a point.

  1. @Dr0_opy34 says:

    Powerful, truthful. I applaud you bro.

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