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We march, tweet, re-tweet, sign petitions, pray, wear hoodies, and do other forms of action in protest to the slaying of Trayvon Martin. The cries of “KILL DEM CRACKAS” and “FUCK DA HONKEYS” can be heard from Los Angeles to New York City, Sanford to Atlanta. We have engaged in many debates over the weeks. People who knew little about the criminal justice system are now well versed with such rhetoric as “Stand Your Ground Law”, “self defense”, “police cover-ups”, and “racial profiling”, truly something the creators of CSI: MIAMI would be proud of……

A young man armed with a bag of skittles and an unregistered sweet tea, all concealed by a hooded sweatshirt, was shot down in cold blood by a vicious and vile and big and mean and dirty racist WHITE man…. or Latino? Na…White sounds better…it makes it easier for Al Sharpton to prepare speeches. Don’t get me wrong, ill NEVER side with “THE MAN”, NEVER, but part of being a LEADER is accepting responsibility. I accept responsibility for fanning hate when I first heard about and began reporting on this story. I have had some time to really think about it. The Murder of Trayvon Martin is an OUTRAGE…but that’s not the real outrage.

Here it comes……………………

The REAL outrage is how there is a double standard of murder in the Black community. As disgusting as it sounds, Black on Black crime seems to be a norm…something natural. Would I be wrong if I said if Trayvon would have been killed by a Black man this case would have been miniscule, if even reported!? How often does Anderson Cooper, Sean Hannity, Erin Burnett, Don Lemon, Geraldo, Roland Martin, Soledad O’Brien, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, your professor, your boss, your co-workers, your barber, your radio, your IPhone apps talk out about the countless daily murders that occur in inner city Black America? Why would they? Black on Black crime is GREAT for the environment. Fewer tenants in government housing, fewer people filling the jails up, fewer people on welfare & food stamps. If we keep it up at the rate it’s going, in 10 years all the large inner city neighborhoods will be condos and playgrounds for the Mitt Romneys of the world. There will be less athletes and entertainers of course, but those people will always be around…I mean who cant bounce a ball or yell “nigga, trigga, bigga!!!” on a microphone? All jokes aside though…Imagine George Zimmerman being Black. Do you think Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the rest of the Black Race Spokesperson Organization would have made speeches, articles, and radio broadcasts…or met with his family? If a Black man killed Trayvon Martin, would you be saying “RIP TRAYVON” or “FREE MY NIGGA GEORGE”? It’s horrible when a White man kills a Black man (Or Latino…Sorry Al Sharpton), but its EVEN MORE HORRIBLE when a Black man kills another Black man. In my opinion, that’s truly the HATE crime.

Here are some great artists that shed light on the horrors of Black on Black crime and how to fix it:


–Waka Flocka Flame (Hip Hop “Artist?”)

On the phone, cooking dope, AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!!!! Selling white, selling mid, AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!!!!!! Fucking two bad bitches AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!!!!!

– Future (Hip Hop “Artist?”)

ROB ME A NIGGA, ROB ME A ROB ME A NIGGA!!! Cause it feels to high, these nigga right here to fly, and right now might just ROB ME A NIGGA!!!

– Freddie Gibbs (Hip Hop “Artist?”)

………………………………………………………….I rest My Case

Truly, if it takes a White guy (He’s Latino, sorry Al Sharpton) to kill one of us to make our people to seek justice, we have committed an injustice to our people…

hence the title…




  1. tesspowell says:

    I’m confused? No black on black crime doesn’t get as much attention and that’s wrong. But why would justice for Trayvon be an injustice for anyone else?

  2. JimmyT says:

    Tesspowell, a careful reader will see that the author states an “injustice BY us all”, not “for”. The former will conclude that legal justice for the victim of this case only fosters further support for the argument that “race/hate crimes” receive more attention, analysis, and due process of law (as compared to homioracial crimes)… Now I would question if any additional imphasis should be based on the Martin case at all, as both the victim and accused are “minoritites” in this country, thus prohibiting them from being racist? Shouldn’t we all just pack up, go home, and continue living our lives like how we do now w/ the daily occurances of minority on minority (i.e. Black on Black) crimes??

    • Who in the world is putting forth that minorities can’t be racist? gz didn’t even like some of his own people…black people forget about it. I defy any of you to find me one case where a black person murdered another black person and walked out of a police station that very night. One case! While the murder of our youth is an issue…advancing an argument that Trayvon’s murder shouldn’t receive any attention is cutting your nose off to spite your face. When you consider that the parents of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis are trying to effect political change for all innocents gunned down – well I think you have someone pontificating that does not know as much as he thinks he knows about this case or the people involved. Point blank, gz is a white identified Latino. He gets no special allowance for killing an unarmed black child because of it.

      • My point is simple: If the only time Black suffering is important is when its done by White hands, we have committed an injustice. I’m a Black male. If I get shot tomorrow by a Black male, its on the 8th page in the newspaper. If I get shot tomorrow by a White male, front page news, twitter hash tags, CNN specials, Eulogy by Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton, gun control debates, etc, etc…Violence is violence, no matter the color.

  3. In the wake of Sandy Hook, why are we not talking about white on white crime? Oh, we don’t pathologize white people, that’s why…only black people. Fact – MOST people are killed by someone of their own race – 94% of black ppl killed by blacks – 85% of whites killed by whites.

    I’m sorry for your confusion but you need to read up and stop using tired arguments based on white supremacy.

    • Thanks for your opinion. I”m not sure if you understood my article..I spoke on the need of more attention towards Black on Black crime, not White on Black crime. My point was simple: It shouldn’t take a White guy killing a Black guy to cause a media uproar when Blacks are killing themselves at an astonishing rate. Please reread and you might see my point.

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