Conservative Republicans claim to be the “party of Jesus” while invading any country that doesn’t bend at their knee to the stars and stripes.  The Conservative Republicans claim to respect “the sanctity of life”, while dropping bombs on innocent children abroad.  The Democrats are no Better.  Liberal Democrats claim to be the “party of progressives”, yet study the neighborhoods that garner the most government handouts, tell me if that’s progression or regression.  I’ll say the latter.   It makes me laugh when I pass cars or signs that read “Obama2012” or “ROMNEY2012”.  Do you people honestly…honestly…honestly believe these millionaire, ivy league educated, caviar eating, suits that cost more than your monthly salary wearing politicians, REALLY care about a public school teacher in Hawkinsville, Georgia?  They send their children to private schools.  Do you really think they care about a manual laborer in Unadilla, Georgia?  They have their illegal immigrants for that.  Ill let you think about the question.  Recently at a Newt Gingrich Rally in Macon, Georgia, I noticed something peculiar.  Aside from a policeman, cameraman, and my brother and I, we were the only African Americans there.  In a huge city like Macon, Georgia, is one saying that only White people ascribe to the Conservative Republican’s beliefs of  “hard work, thriftiness, a sound economy, military superiority, and a love of Jesus”?  No, but when your party front runners like Newt Gingrich say “poor Black kids should be janitors” or that “Black people should demand checks and not food stamps”, or when Rick Santorum says “I don’t want to give “blah” people other people’s money”, what does one expect?  The GOP can no longer be “the party of old rich white men”. Democrats aren’t faring any better off either.  African Americans in particular, the times are changing.  In my college educated belief, the Civil Rights Movement ended in the 1970’s.  These Democrats aren’t saving anyone.  While patting one on the back wishing a “Happy Black History Month” they, like drug dealers, pump welfare, Medicaid, food stamps, WIC, and Peach Care, all at the struggling middle class tax payers extent, down communities throat.  The more children you have, the bigger the check.  Now that’s such a great way to promote work ethic in economically dead, crime and drug ridden neighborhoods!!  To sum up this letter, it doesn’t matter if you are Black, White, rich, poor, legal, illegal, gay, straight, the politics of today are not only out of touch with the people, but also with reality.  Voting for the lesser of 2 evils is not what our founders intended.

Tyler Jenkins


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